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QR Codes

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  1. mfowler70

    mfowler70 Member

    Have you guys thought about adding BBCODE to assist users in creating QR Codes for use on the forums? It should be fairly easy to do and would be pretty cool to use from our android phones.

    Title: QRcode Barcode Generator
    Tag: QR
    Code (Text):
    1. <img src="http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=http%3A%2F%2F{param}" alt="qrcode"  />
    Code (Text):
    1. [QR]www.androidforums.com[/QR]
    Note: Due to the way the generator is setup, I don't think it'll work if http:// is included in the link. Should also be easy to alter the replacement code for use with text.

  2. PsychoKlown

    PsychoKlown Member

    I was just going to make a post about this. You could also use Googles free QR generator.

    Here's an example.
    Code (Text):
    1. http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=350x350&chl=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3A{param}
    You would just need to put your package name. This would be perfect for developers.
  3. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator


    1. [qr]HappyThanksgiving![/qr]
  4. alok

    alok Member

  5. PsychoKlown

    PsychoKlown Member

    The first code I included was for market searches.

    We could make this the BB code
    Code (Text):
    1. http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=350x350&chl={param}
    This would allow users to create links.

    And we can also make it so that new posts have an option to include the package name (i.e. link to market). That way developers just add their package name in their post so we can instantly find them in the market.
  6. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    How's this?

    For URLs etc:

    1. [qr]androidforums.com[/qr]

    Market Searches:
    2. [market]barcode[/market]
    (Seems to only work with one word searches)


    [qr]Just testing
    I like cake.[/qr]

    (Well, that one didn't turn out well.)

    .... after the (possible) 4.0 upgrade in a couple months I'll redo the wysiwyg editor buttons to include these things. Also, try to combine these two into one with an option for market or not.
  7. BottledHate

    BottledHate Well-Known Member

    great idea! i was just thinking about how much easier things would be with more qr codes on the site!
  8. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

    Try putting + between each word. Like market://search?q=:barcode+scanner
    Haven't tried it, just guessing...

    edit: ok I just tested it and worked for me. It returned 25 results. Also seems you do not need the : that was in it originally so just market://search?q=barcode+scanner

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