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Qs Auto Call Responder Widget - Updated for 2.3

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  1. ramuk_looc

    ramuk_looc Member

    App: Qs AutoCallResponder Widget
    Version: 1.1
    By: Time Plus Q Technologies Private Limited
    Website: Qs Auto Call Responder Widget | Time Plus Q

    Genre: Utilities
    Date released: July 2011
    Size: 151k
    Price: Free
    Platform: Android

    * Suspend any incoming call
    * Auto-reply to callers via SMS
    * Customize your SMS auto-reply
    * View your auto-reply status when the widget is activated
    * Check all suspended calls and text replies

    Suspend any incoming call and automatically respond to these untimely calls via SMS text message immediately. Make your friends and family feel special by sending customized replies. When the widget is activated, you will see an ongoing notification of your auto-reply status. Once you're ready to start call backs, the Qs Auto Call Responder keeps a log of all suspended calls and texts, so you can see who received an auto-response from you while you were, well, living life unplugged.

    Download from Android Market

  2. ramuk_looc

    ramuk_looc Member

    Updated to work for Android 2.3 GingerBread :)

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