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  1. ajore22

    ajore22 Well-Known Member


    I have the MT with Whyzor's TG reloaded. And I just scored an 1880 on the newer version of quadrant standard. That's higher than a nexus s and just below the galaxy nexus.
    Now most of the points came from the I/O category (if someone would tell me what that means it would be appreciated) but it still beat the galaxy nexus in the 2D category as well.

    Does anyone else get results like this?

  2. anytyme

    anytyme Well-Known Member

    I/O stands for Input/Output. Inputs are the signals or data received by the system, and outputs are the signals or data sent from it.

    edit: my quadrant score
    total: 2457
    cpu: 2439
    mem: 1110
    i/o: 7420
    2d: 330
    3d: 986
  3. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Are you still on the old quadrant? (Pre 2.0) because after the new quadrant on my stock based rom I get about 1600 to 1700 where I used to get 2000 to 2100.
  4. ajore22

    ajore22 Well-Known Member

    Wow, my CPU scores were like 300-400 in 4 tests, you hit 2439? What am I missing here?

    I am using 2.0v
  5. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    Quadrant 2.0
    Triumph running CM7 reloaded @ 1.5 GHz smartass 2 gov.

    Total 2757
    CPU 2915
    Mem 1081
    I/O 7993
    2D 595
    3D 1200

    You can click image to open it bigger

    I've broken 3000 @ 1.8 GHz just testing, but I don't like pushing it that hard.
  6. anytyme

    anytyme Well-Known Member

    I'm using v2.0
    It's overclocked at 1.2 Ghz
    and running tickerguy's cm7
  7. navyseal430

    navyseal430 Well-Known Member

    Which app are you using?
  8. anytyme

    anytyme Well-Known Member

  9. WinkieDink

    WinkieDink New Member

    I pushed it and almost broke 4000 with min=2.3Ghz max=2.3Ghz using minmax on the new Quadrant Standard but it shut off 5 min latter
  10. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    What kernel goes to 2.3?
  11. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

  12. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    Don't know why, but mantera's new OC kernel bumped my scores up a bit.

    This is still @ 1.5 ghz with CM7 reloaded. 2958

  13. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

  14. Mobstergunz

    Mobstergunz Well-Known Member Developer

    i had about the same score on Minimal Triumph :D

    mine was 2957
  15. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    Well of course I use that one too.
    Haven't run quadrant on it though... Good to know.:D
  16. unanimous415

    unanimous415 New Member

    4958 on galaxy s3
  17. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    How can you even compare the S3 to the Truimph it would be like comparing a Chevy sprint to a Mercedes benz, the S3 completely flattens the Truimph in every aspect.
  18. jesus1421

    jesus1421 New Member

    these are my file:///C:/Users/Jesus%20Hernandez/Downloads/Screenshot_2012-10-11-17-12-43.png scores on my Pantech Burst On ICS No root or anything:)

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