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  1. lancep

    lancep New Member

    No luck on the Nexus One. It starts, but the ammo and health do not correctly display there is a yellow line accross left side of the screen. If it hit the track ball to start the game it locks up for a about 5 minutes and then the game will start, but it is over responsive. Debug log on the way let me know if it has what you need.

    I also tried with and without eco

  2. asb123

    asb123 Well-Known Member

    it works great but my only complaint is that when you are aiming with the touchscreen, the movement sensors "re-adjust" so that how ever you were holding the phone is now "zero" in other words this position is now the no movement position.
    This can get annoying very often.
  3. mattcoz

    mattcoz Well-Known Member

    Fantastic work! I'm getting about 5-15fps on my Hero.
  4. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Well-Known Member

    can anyone pm me a link to download the full quake 2 pak file?
  5. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, found it. I am running it on Droid 2.01 but I am getting about 5fps when there are enemies on screen, ~25 without. Also, it seems to quit to desktop a lot. For example when I slide the keyboard out or press back while in options it will quit to desktop.
  6. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Well-Known Member

    I really want to like this but wtf. What are the controls? The character just runs forward and doesn't do anything. If I click menu and tap 'keyboard' nothing happens.
  7. jbarrett020

    jbarrett020 Well-Known Member

    cant get the pak file to DL even thru wifi.. always throws an error
  8. VeryApe

    VeryApe Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to uninstall version 1.6?
  9. mattcoz

    mattcoz Well-Known Member

  10. julien

    julien Member

    Hi, answer is here :

    How to control Quake 2 using your Android phone ? see instructions here : HowtoControlsAndroid

    Hope it helps,

  11. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    I tried this on my droid, it was unplayable. Graphics are bad, when ever you shoot/see an explosion it slows to 5fps. This is without eco mode too...
  12. julien

    julien Member

    which release did you try ?
  13. ccphilly1984

    ccphilly1984 Well-Known Member

    can someone get me a link to the quake 1 apk file? it sucks it was taken off the marketplace... i really want it... looks like it runs good on the droid
  14. ttaylor0024

    ttaylor0024 Well-Known Member

    The one from the link in your post.
  15. asb123

    asb123 Well-Known Member

    it seems to calibrate no matter where you touch it with the g1
  16. gentlefury

    gentlefury Well-Known Member

    Hey just wanted to let you know I tried your build again after overclocking to 800MHz and I am getting an average of 45fps....great work!
  17. Delirious17

    Delirious17 Member

    I want to bind w and s to look up and down but when I press them it doesn't look up or down...but other than that it's superb on my Moto Droid :D
  18. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    The game is not playable on Tattoo (frame rate too low) but I'm impressed anyway.

    Being myself an embedded programmer, but very new to Android, I was wondering how you managed to port original source code (I assume is in C/C++) to Java...

    alek_73's Blog - GameSpot
  19. Choupman

    Choupman New Member

    Be careful Julien, I've read on a forum that "Id Software" was looking at all "Doom/Quake" softwares on Android Market to forbid them. :(
  20. tliebeck

    tliebeck VIP Member VIP Member

    Just tried the 1.7 APK, solves my previous issues and now works perfectly on my Droid. Seeing good framerates and it's entirely playable. Steering an FPS with an accelerometer will take some getting used to. Only played through the first half of first level so far.

    I'd still love to get mouse look working. +mlook / -mlook seem to fail, even when bound to a key.

    In any case, very well done, if you have a reasonably powerful phone, try it!
  21. julien

    julien Member

    I know the Tatoo is strangely slow. I believe It should be on the same level as my Galaxy. Can you send me a logcat ? (it is explained in the FAQ)

    I have used Android NDK ( native developpement kit ) .
    To explain briefly : Quake 2 source code is in C, I have wrapped it in a shared library that gets called from a Java GLSurfaceView .
  22. julien

    julien Member

    For precise control of the looking (when you need to shoot an ennemy, for example) the best is to use the touchscreen "view area" (see the FAQ on controls) .

    Just put your left thumb on the screen, move it and you will understand ...
  23. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    I can't find Sendlog on the market, do you know where I can find the apk ?

    Thanks, I did not know NDK was existing !
  24. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    Looks like the links for the demo are down, or id took them off.
    Anyone by chance have a link for the demo?.....I have the apk file, just need the demo for the files. I've searched and can't find any link available for downloading the demo.
  25. shadow666

    shadow666 New Member

    I just installed this last night and its very impressive work.
    I am playing on a Hero so I have no keyboard.
    I think it would be great to tilt to strafe rather than turn.
    This should give good fps controls for devices with no keyboard. All that would would be needed then would be to fix the slowdown when using the touch screen.

    One other thing I noticed, the trackball works to click but the directions don't work in game, although I can set them in options.

    Keep up the great work, awesome port

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