Quake 2 on Android

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  1. kalesi

    kalesi Member

    Works like a charm on my Hero. Takes some getting used to but brings back memories.

  2. Sakey

    Sakey New Member

    Hi, fantastic work. Runs like a dream on my G1.

    Is there anyway you can make it so the trackball acts like a mouse?
  3. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    Where is everyone getting the demo of q2 at? I've checked and can't find anywhere to d/l the 37mb q2 demo at for the files needed to rune this apk file.
  4. Sakey

    Sakey New Member

    Got to be honest, I didn't get the demo. I took the pak file of my original disk.
  5. julien

    julien Member

    Hi, there is a download Tool included in the Android application :

    Launch Quake2 application > press Menu > then Tools > then Download data file

    You can select Id Software FTP or some other mirror as download source
  6. maciejc85

    maciejc85 New Member

    Great job, quake runs great on my droid.
  7. My only complaint on my Droid is the firing mechanic; I wish up could set up the fire mechanic to be a doubletap on the screen our something. I would life to be able to fire and strafe effectively at the same time. Also, I can't get the spring aim to turn off.When I turn it off, it still autocenters.
  8. shadow666

    shadow666 New Member

    just wondering if we can expect an update anytime soon. I see a few posts re controls and would love to see trackball as mouse look and tilt as WASD strafe movement. ATM the game is not really playable on a keyboardless device.

    keep up the great work :)
  9. checkers123

    checkers123 New Member

    it works pretty good but the fps is low on g1 and the controls won't let me look up or down =P
  10. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    I dont mean to sound like a complete scrub but i have no clue in how to put this on to my phone. I read all the links and everything but im just confused as to how to install the game. i downloaded a small file and then read about downloading something for quake2 from id's website... someone give a basic tutorial please? :D
  11. sleet

    sleet New Member

    I have HTC Magic 32A and 6-10 fps :(
  12. shadow666

    shadow666 New Member

    Just thought I'd post this for anyone still having a hard time installing.
    Once you install the apk to your phone you should be able to run it then hit menu then tools, you should see an option to download the files here.
    If this fails you just need to get the pak0.pak file from quake 2, demo or full and put this file in sdcard/baseq2/

    To get the pak file you can install either full or demo quake 2 and copy them from the baseq2 folder.

    I hope this helps anyone still having a hard time installing.
  13. glitch32

    glitch32 Well-Known Member

    WOW! Good work!! The controls take some getting used to, but I love that I can play this on my phone! Works great on the moto droid, I had no issues with it at all.
  14. Cman

    Cman New Member

    I installed it on my Moto Droid and the game runs fine, think I saw 45fps, but if I slide my keyboard open/close it exits to desktop.

    It did work if I already had my keyboard open, then opened the app as long as I never slid the keyboard close although it has happened on accident.
  15. struss789

    struss789 New Member

    Hi all I'm running q2 on my droid and liking it so far I can't seem to disable the sensor controls and I'm having an issue with the snap back feature. Also I found using the camera/shutter key to work great as the R/fire button but it won't allow me to set that as a key binding. Keep up the good work.
  16. Djhg2000

    Djhg2000 New Member

    Please add an option to remap the trackball to mouse, that way a bluetooth mouse would also work as android maps them to emulate a trackball.

    Bluetooth keyboard + mouse would be an awesome setup for this :D
  17. kaatisu84

    kaatisu84 New Member

    ive got a htc magic and it actually ran pretty well. i was getting around 15fps. slow but definitely playable. the controls are difficult but great. excellent job dev :)
  18. neclepsio

    neclepsio New Member

    this is great!
    is there any way to make tilt control view up/down?
  19. ssummer

    ssummer Member

    I checked that page on how to turn of the sensors. It says that you can go to "settings" but I don't see any menu option for that. I don't want title controls, I would just like to use the dpad on my droid.
  20. CaryRW

    CaryRW Member

    Has anyone found a working download site from the list in the app? I have tried a dozen different sites and none will download.
  21. CaryRW

    CaryRW Member

    I guess I can now answer my own question. The answer is no! After spending what seemed like 2-3 hours trying every single link, not one of them works. At this point, what the heck is the download function for as it appears to just plain be broken.

    Guess I'll have to try the manual process.
  22. polski

    polski New Member

    Great job on porting this, it runs very smooth on the moto droid. But I am having a huge issue with the controls. I mapped everything to the keyboard and it worked fine except for looking up or down, which I have mapped to p and . . No matter what I can't get anything to work on the keyboard for looking up or down. Anybody have a solution for this?
  23. polski

    polski New Member

    I had the same issue as you, but I connected to wifi and it downloaded
  24. Reap

    Reap Well-Known Member

    works perfect on my cliq, i wish the look up and down button would actually let me look up and down. other than that very good
  25. darkLuke

    darkLuke Active Member

    When will any1 post framerate on N1?
    And will be that possible to make Unreal (first one) for android?

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