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  1. Cryptic79

    Cryptic79 VIP Member VIP Member

    Has anyone else been thoroughly impressed with the quality of customer service when you call TMo?

    Every time I call, I get a friendly person who speaks English (I'm not against people of other nationalities, but it can be awfully hard to understand some people when there's so much background noise at some call centers) and actually understand the company's products/services.

    If only TMo would buy out Dish Network!

  2. OrganizedFellow

    OrganizedFellow Well-Known Member

    I too had a great experience when I called to order mine.

    It really is nice when you call the customer service line of a large corporation and there is no run around, repeating yourself to a dumb pre-recorded message, or talking to someone outsources in some other country.
  3. aad4321

    aad4321 Guest

    I have been a customer for about 10 years, and their customer service is untouchable compared to any other cellular phone company. We switched to att back when they were merging from cingular to att, and their customer support was HORRIBLE, not to mention back then they were only open 9-5.After trying to get in touch with customer service for a week with no luck, we swtiched back to T-MO and have never left.
  4. sleebus.jones

    sleebus.jones Well-Known Member

    I've always had excellent service when dealing with any phone issues.

    However, my experience with their data department in the past has been abysmal. The good thing is that they have MAJORLY improved their data services, so the last time I called them was about 3 years ago. That's the best kind of customer service...when it's so good you don't need to call 'em. :)
  5. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    can't say I've been impressed, but I have been helped :)

    I only have to call CS once every 2 years when I get some type of wacky tech issue. I'm a geeky kind of guy, so I know my way around technology, so if I call, it's not because I didn't read the manual or don't know how to use the phone, it's because there's an actual problem.

    Back in the day, T-mo would send me a text message letting me know I had new voicemail. It was free, and came from my own phone number (at least that's how it was tagged) well, one day, I stopped getting text messages from my own number and started getting calls. If I answered the call, there was nobody on the other line, it would just disconnect. It seemed like whenever someone left me voicemail, the system would call my phone every 2-4 minutes until I called my voicemail and listened to the message. I would be at work, check my phone in my bag on break and see that I had 52 missed calls!! One legitimate call from a friend or family member, and the other 51 calls were my own number. It got where I would turn my phone off because even on vibrate it was wearing my battery down. The online/email tech support people were convinced I just didn't know how to use my phone, eventually it just fixed itself and I started getting notifications instead of texts or calls.

    Last year, I had another problem with voicemail. No one could leave any, and I couldn't check. Again, CS was convinced that the problem was me not being able to use my phone. The real issue is that they had changed the VM number, and my phone never got updated with the new number. There was an update sent to all the phones six months ago, but I never got it. So when they stopped using the old number alltogether, I stopped getting voicemail. I had to plead with the first level tech to escalate, I had to swear that I am not an idiot, and convince her to pass me on to someone else. She was just flipping through the manual for my phone and even told me craziness like "oh, well, you're supposed to restart your phone at least 3 times a day every day."

    I did get help, in both cases, but my only complaint is that they don't let their techs escalate to higher tech people soon enough. Those first level responders are supposed to weed out the folks who just can't operate the phone, but it's kind of insulting for those of us who have a real issue that needs to be resolved on their end. I'm still happy, because my issues got resolved, and the folks were nice.

    No billing issues, no real mistakes on their end, just wacky tech issues, and only a few over the last 8 years with T-mo
  6. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    Thankfully the billing system is pretty good, almost every single billing mistake is user error. The less you have to call in the less chance of the wrong feature being added on or having it added at the wrong date. The T-Mobile website when used correctly is awesome and if used more often would keep a lot of people from ever having an issue -- I'm sure the same goes with every provider though.
  7. joephu

    joephu Member

    I ordered my Dash thru Walmart's "Let's Talk" partner. Their customer service was fair. You could tell it was low paidpeople that really didn't wantto be there but were reading the "friendly" script. However, T-Mobile CS has been excellent. Very helpful, polite, and convinced me they were truly out to make sure I was pleased with the service. That's why I didn't hesitate to get a second line for the wife when I gave her the Dash and get the G1.
  8. porquepine

    porquepine Well-Known Member

    Been with Tmo for 5 years and have 6 seperate phone lines from them. Yea, I am happy with them. I am sure that they also love me too, since I pay my bill...LOL

    Truth be said, they have honestly gone over the top when it has come to several sitsuations. In June 2007 the house caught on fire and burnt to the ground. I called them to ask how I could get a plan that would allow me to extend minutes- I was way over my minutes because we were calling several people that we normally did not call. They gave me 500 extra minutes PER LINE! The minutes were able to be rolled as well! I was rather shocked, did not expect that.

    My wife had a kidney transplant Feb 2007 and Tmo took care of us and our family. I know I sound like a commercial, but it is true.

    I travel a ton and sure there are times when I do not have service, but that is usually at times when there is more cows then people. ;) Otherwise I get service.

    Several companies have tried to get us to switch, to include recently, Verizon. Verizon called my wife and offered her a Blackberry Storm for free to just sign up! We said no way, you can not touch T-mobiles customer service!
  9. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    We love to help out our customers when there is a family emergency of any kind, it's not policy or something we're supposed to do but we can put bonus minutes on an account as long as it's not abused.

    We love our jobs, they treat us really well and I have to say that if there is somebody who's really engaging us and want our help not just a credit we will do everything in our power to help our customers out.
  10. Syrax

    Syrax Well-Known Member

    I have to say that I have always enjoyed calling customer service when I need to. The automated service is rather annoying, but once I get to speak to a rep I have always been treated kindly. As long as you are polite with them they are the most helpful of customer service folks I've ever encountered.
  11. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    Automated system? Just press 0 to get to General Care, say Blackberry for PDA Tech support or say Sidekick for Sidekick support. Not sure if we have an android flavor yet. XD
  12. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    I was with T-mo for 2 year, then with Verizon for almost 4 years, now I'm back with T-mobile.

    6 years ago their customer service, to me, sucked. When I joined I was told i'd have x, y, and z features (honestly the fault of the sales rep). When I told them either fix this or i'll cancel my plan (I was still in the window to do so) they told me they'd take care of it, when nothing got fixed they delayed me until i was no longer in the window to cancel. After days on the line with support I was able to get things sorted out. The problem was that the sales reps and the customer support had 0 communication and neither was willing to work with each other for me. :mad:

    And now its been 4 days since i've tried to get my number transfered to the G1... still nothing. looks like i'll have to get on the line again. get up to higher support and have them do it manually. :rolleyes:
  13. sluggerjd

    sluggerjd Member

    I think they do help out very well! But I am dissapointed in one thing. They allow bs to come up on your statement! I have a family plan and it should cost me around 90 dollars give or take 10 bucks.. Well i just got my last bill and apparently my son subscibed to this service without even replying to their texts... It cost me 40 dollars over two bills.... needless to say they refunded me the money!
  14. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    Content Gateway is a plague to all phone carriers. AT&T is actually in a lawsuit with mBlox because of them billing customers for things that didn't happen --

    That being said we can 99% see that it was actually subscribed to - that and they can do it without a reply. Sign up online and enter your cell number to PredictoMobile.com, Jamster, etc and you're in a subscription
  15. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    I love seeing those things on tv "can you guess the name of this Wii game system? you could win it!" and in unreadable type it says "$9.99 per entry, $5.99 per day, and you agree to let an ex-con named Bubba visit you at your home"

    The text message dating ones are the best though, i've seen them as high as $2 a message.
  16. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    I see accounts daily that have over $200 in COGA (Content Gateway) charges. Good news though - we can adjust them off in customer care without having a really good reason. Just call in and say you didn't request it and you already sent STOP to the short code and ask for an adjustment. Don't let them tell you they can't because in policy we can, but a lot of reps assume it's the same policy as ringtones and games on T-Zones. Tell them good luck on their 2 score in Knowledge for that call, hang up and get somebody else if they wont budge.
  17. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    Another good reason not to ever send a text message to anyone or anything you see on TV. I always assumed they'd spam out your phone and use up your text messages, or sell you to telemarketers. This is worse.

    Free Ringtone? Nobody gives anything away for free. It may not cost money upfront, but it usually costs you money, time, privacy, information, or any combination of the above.
  18. onthefence

    onthefence Well-Known Member

    very nice customer service reps, but.......

    i spoke with two reps yesterday and today, one in TECH SUPPORT, both of which had no idea that there was a security flaw, nor did they have any information on an update. The tech support agent asks his colleagues and said noone in his area knew anythi9ng about it.

    I'm still trying to figure out how I, the public, was aware of a needed fix before tech support. And where did I get info on this problem...here at the android forums.

    My best guess is that they were instructed to deny the problem and pretend it didnt exist. This kinda scares me a little.

    very nice though
  19. ackray

    ackray Member

    I've been with T-mobile here in the N.E. since it was a company called Omnipoint, or Voicestream, I forgot which one came first?

    Initially I joined up because we could use the GSM phones in Europe.

    I've stayed with them because of the quality of the customer care after it became T-mobile. I do a lot of tech work and I find their support to be excellent.

    NOTE to Dell and Cisco > I want those years of my life on hold back!

    I've never had a problem calling in with any handset that I have purchased. After being read the official statement that they do not support the set, they then go and solve the problem.

    Recently I was setting up a GC89 on my laptop and was transferred up three times to a data tech. We then spent close to an hour and a half working through windows settings, VPN, bypassing the bundled App and using XP's network connection tool. Etc. The problem was resolved and was mostly due to my being located in a fringe GPRS area. It actually makes a difference if I am on the second floor of the house or not!

    Currently I wouldn't even think of switching carriers because with Tcom I know I can get technical problems resolved.

    Until the G1 I had been using my Treo for VPN acess, email, browsing, and VNC for supporting my clients occasionally.
  20. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    Wasn't impressed with the CSR's... very unpleasant

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