Question about a TAD bit of lag

  1. tmette

    tmette Well-Known Member

    So I have my Droid rooted and currently running CyanogenMOD (bekit LV 1Ghz kernel) and over-clocked to 1Ghz. I have the profiles currently set to be a max of 250Mhz when in sleep/standby. I'm assuming the lag comes in to this factor. Every once in a while when I'll get a call, the phone kind of "locks up" or glitches for a second or two, before the slider comes up on the screen and I can answer the call.

    Is this due to the fact that it's under-clocked to 200Mhz, and it jumps up to 1Ghz instantly when I get a call? The next step up for the sleep/standby profile is 400Mhz, which I'm considering bumping it up if this is the reason for the slight delay. Any ideas?

  2. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Well-Known Member

    Yes that would be it... It is recommended to set it no lower then 400Mhz...
  3. tmette

    tmette Well-Known Member

    Ok, cool..thanks for the clarification ska.t73

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