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  1. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    I noticed that when I take photos using my phone and transfer it to my laptop, they look like low/poor quality photos. My resolution is set to 8mp. They come out as "blurry" (can't find a better term) without flash and with natural light. But when I take photos with flash, it comes out okay.

    I take ordinary photos not the artistic/photography type but this bothers me whenever I look at my photos.

  2. bigwiliestyle

    bigwiliestyle Member

    you may have your iso on iso800 witch in turn causes noises destorshion, the term you you are looking for.

    turn it to auto or iso100 see if it helps.
  3. mumsawitch

    mumsawitch Member

    yeah but my iso is on auto. i dont play with it
  4. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    I presume this is in dull light. It's only a tiny lens so it's normal that the shutter speed is slowed down in order to let more light in thus resulting in a blurry image if any movement is made of the phone or subject. The only remedy is more light or use the flash.

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