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Question about Droid Incredible root! help quick

  1. Snailz3b

    Snailz3b New Member

    Okayy so I just got a new droid incredible shipped to me and on my old droid incredible I had it rooted and had the MIUI rom on it. when I receive my new droid and root it, i am going to install the MIUI rom again but can I take my old backup from my old phone and put it on my new phone? I saved all of the MIUI Backup and files on my desktop, so i could just put them back on the SD card and use it again, BUT will this mess something up and break my phone??? or will it be okay to do? I don't want to break my phone...

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    all you have to do is swap over your sd card,assuming thats where your keeping your nand backups. after you root the new phone and flash whatever recovery you used to make said backups,then simply restore and your new phone will be right where you left off :)

    if you used clockwork 2.5.x.x to make your backups,you may need to flash it thru hboot to get it back. on my phone,2.5.x.x versions are no longer available under "older versions"

    to answer your origianl question- if you for some reason have to transfer files to your computer,then back to an SD card,yes that will work fine. ive done it before,it wont break anything. just tranfer the whole "clockworkmod" folder(wich may also contain a downloads and a settings file or folder in addition to the backup folder) if you used clockwork or the whole "nandroid" folder if you used RA_GNM. when i first got my inc,it only had a 2gb card :eek: so i was constantly moving my backups files from the phone to the puter,and back to the phone.

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