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  1. anavrin0901

    anavrin0901 Member

    When I check my Roadrunner email on the phone and let's say I delete the 4 new messagees that come time I check my email it pushes 4 old messages at the very bottom of my list and they show up unread, thus making you believe you have 4 new messages until you see they are old. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? This is very annoying. I did not have that problem with Mobile Email on my non-Smartphone.

  2. Laakin

    Laakin New Member

    Go into your account settings (hit menu button while in email) and under incoming settings make sure "when I delete from Inbox" is clicked under "Delete email from server."
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  3. anavrin0901

    anavrin0901 Member

    Oh it is...but the old messages from the server keep coming back everytime I delete email from the seems to always like to keep 12 messages in my inbox at all times.
  4. rjf17

    rjf17 Member

    I've noticed a lot of shortcomings in the Droid email as well. They seem to have focused on Gmail rather than on POP3/IMAP email. Some shortcomings I've found:

    • Generally odd behavior in loading email messages. It doesn't seem to load all the email from my POP3 account all the time. Sometimes re-loading email messages after I've deleted them. (Even with the "Delete from server" option selected).
    • No way to move deleted email back to Inbox (i.e. no undelete)
    • No way to empty the Trash
    • Needing to know the "Port" when setting up email accounts. How lame is that?
    It doesn't seem that anyone really put this through any decent "real world" testing on how users would want to access their email.
  5. Laakin

    Laakin New Member

    yes, and I have to keep re-installing and changing my email settings practically every time I check my email. It's ridiculous.

    I'm trying to figure out if this is a problem wtih my phone or the droid in particular. I never had these problems with my blackberry.......
  6. pkwjr

    pkwjr Member

    An option to check all which would allow us to delete all would be great too.

    Some of us get huge amounts of email on a daily basis and deleting one at a time really is time consuming.
  7. westside

    westside Well-Known Member

    I gave up on pop email...I cleared my data an now use my providers web mail to get email on the phone.

    Never worked right...there's a couple other threads on this. The last straw for me was email didn't update all day..then I'm in a meeting and the damn thing alerted 5 times in 2 minutes and NONE of the emails were new...lame.
  8. anavrin0901

    anavrin0901 Member

    yeah I guess you guys nailed my other couple complaints too...

    besides old messages that keep coming back when you delete the new ones (keeping its quota of 12)

    sometimes it sits there and doesn't load...I also would love to see check boxes to delete multiple emails too

    I left the port settings the default and never had a problem...I love how the message acts once opened compared to Mobile Email on a non-smart phone, but darn there are a lot of compromises here :(
  9. Apps_Droid

    Apps_Droid Member

    Not sure if anyone posted already, but I tried to send a meeting request using Microsoft Outlook to my gmail account. Email arrived on droid, but I could not figure out how to accept it. On my BB it shows up as meeting request and you can accept or decline. How does it work on Droid? I've had BB for over 2 years, and naturally am comparing Droid with BB...There are so many things Droid is lacking compared to BB.
    And another question: After screen goes into stand-by mode, is there a way besides clicking on power button or having to open the keyboard to enable the screen?

    Thank you!
  10. Apps_Droid

    Apps_Droid Member

    Could someone point me : where can I set option for : Delete from server" option selected
  11. SeaDroid

    SeaDroid New Member

    To find the delete option in the email app press menu, account settings, scroll down and press incoming settings. There is an option called delete email from server.
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  12. Watashi

    Watashi Well-Known Member

    Gmail works best on this phone. Being a Google/Android phone I can see why.
  13. SeaDroid

    SeaDroid New Member

    eMail on my Droid seems to hang(?), adding to the strange behavior reading hotmail.

    After killing eMail, restarting it I sometimes see it sitting there spinning its wheel without accomplishing anything.

    I then go to incoming settings and press next to see it check incoming server settings. It then gives the message "Sorry! process has stopped unexpectedly".

    I press "foreclose" and return to email where it is still spinning its wheel.

    Some time later it may (or may not) download messages.

    I've also seen eMail claim it can not connect to the server. But, I can browse the net and my laptop can access my mail server. Again, it will sometimes download new messages.

    I will say that fundamentally it seems to work. But, it's tough to trust I'll get new mail in a timely manner, etc.
  14. Eurosteve

    Eurosteve Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem. Trying to setup Hotmail. I've checked my settings and they appear to be correct. When I initially set it up yesterday, the Droid did one download of about 30 messages. Since then I've been getting the spinning wheel followed by "Sorry! The application email (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." And there is a button - "Force Close"

    At one point while re-entering the incoming settings - the system was "Checking incoming server settings" and returned a message "unable to open connection to server" and it gave me the option to "edit details"

    Any help with this greatly appreciated!
  15. jsalimao

    jsalimao Active Member

    I don't really understand this email setup either. I am so used to using a blackberry which works really well. I guess blackberry has an exchange server that pushes the email to you?
    I just have a Comcast account and an account with my website. I am using POP3 but it is just really weird the way it works. Does it just grab a copy of the server when it refreshes? For some reason it deletes emails if I delete it from the server. It is almost like when it refreshes it just grabs a new copy of what’s on the server.
    Or maybe it is just deleting the emails because you can only have so many at a time?
  16. kigs

    kigs Member

    Steve this is a known bug. Most people think it has to do with large mailboxes and that error is a server timeout. I already reported this to google and a google engineer prioritized it. Not sure if it will be in the next update or not but my guess is that google needs to completely fix Exchange and make it work better
  17. MotorDroid

    MotorDroid New Member

    I've been having issues with roadrunner email as well. Sometimes i'll get an email and it just keeps saying "droid" over and over even after I have viewed the email and in notification bar it shows I have an email but if I slide it down there's nothing there. Weird.
  18. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    POP email is definitely a problem. It hangs in loading, the circle spins, no messages load....sometimes for hours and hours. I have tried to reset, reload, everything... POP email access is bugged out.
  19. Eurosteve

    Eurosteve Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That's not good. Other than gmail, my other accounts are all pop3. Hope they fix this soon.
  20. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

  21. SeaDroid

    SeaDroid New Member

  22. Nepherim

    Nepherim Well-Known Member

    K-9 fixes the problem where I keep getting notified of email I've read. Thanks.
  23. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I don't remember how the native POP3 email client worked, but with K-9 Mail, just below the last message, there is a space labeled, "Load up to...more". Pressing that area downloads your pre-configured number of additional messages. I have ~200 messages in my Hotmail inbox now, and no "reoccurring notifications" on previously downloaded, unopened messages.
  24. sunrays

    sunrays New Member

    Hi guys,

    This can be fixed in 2 ways

    Don't ever delete emails for your inbox via pop3 client or browser.

    Email client will only load 25 emails at max(unless you request to load more messages) so not deleting emails shouldn't be a big deal for most people.

    Doing that will eliminate 2 problems

    1. Manually emptying trash folder by selecting each individual email(oh thank goodness :))
    2. It will also eliminate the issue of old emails coming back as unread emails:D

    Set 'Delete email from server' to Never under 'Incoming server settings' and dont delete emails from browser

    Now you can delete emails in you pop3 email client and NOT have the issue of old emails coming back as unread emails

    Only annoying thing with this option is having to manually empty trash folder.

    With either options.. if you are setting up the pop3 email for the first time, all 25 synced emails will be in unread status irrespective of the status in browser email.

    Hope that helps.
  25. SeaDroid

    SeaDroid New Member

    SunRays - I hope your suggestion works for some, but I'll have to say that I run with the delete option turned on and don't see any messages come back from the dead or get duplicated either when I delete on my desktop or on my Droid. And, my mail box seems to stay in sync, which I really like.

    What I do see is the Droid email client (or some part of it, as it doesn't ever actually go away) crashing a LOT. In fact, I've failed to get more than about 40 messages onto the Droid - which may come from repeated crashes rather than any message count limit.

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