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  1. scull314

    scull314 New Member

    I have a problem.
    Just bought the fascinate and synced some contacts from facebook
    however, when i go to text them, they don't get my texts.
    i find out its the "+1" on all facebook contacts when synced to the phone
    so i go to make another contact with the same name and same number, and mark the mobile one as default.
    but when i do that, it still doesn't work. the only way is when i go to create new message, i go to "(enter friends name here) mobile", the one without +1
    how do i override or even get rid of this without unsyncing facebook

    and later on, i've tried making a contact without the link to facebook on that contact.
    whenever i try to text that person, they can get it fine, but when i text them back, the "+1" comes back.
    what is going on, please help!


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