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    Hey all

    I have had my G1 a few months and find it ever more impressive by the day :p I've seen Jailbreaking and Cupcake being tossed around a lot and was wanting to do it, but I am on a contract with T-Mobile, if I jailbroke can they detect it? I am guessing that my warranty would be broken (for software problems) but is there any chance of them suddenly shutting my account off saying that im running a jailbroken phone?

    Thanks :)


  2. pacothebandit

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    Hey i litterally just posted the following in another post....

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  4. pacothebandit

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  5. yakult

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    Hi all. I just bought T-Mobile G1 from ebay about a week ago and already unlocked it and I'm using Vodafone UK as my network provider.

    My question is, can I remove the T-Mobile boot up logo by jailbreaking it?

    Because I'm using Vodafone UK, can I still get the automatic system update?

    My G1 firmware version is 1.5 & Build Number is CRB17. Does it mean I'm currently have the latest version?

    Thanks for your help
  6. justjimjpc

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    I dont think the current root builds do anything with the T-Mobile Splash or the Android Splash ... but who cares ... (i dont) ..

    My current rooted phone will/not get OTA auto-updates and I dont theink any of them will ... that's why the are rooted and to protect them from being loaded with a standard build would defeat that purpose ...

    I am not sure about your exact version ... I am in the US .... but one of EU members should be able to confirm that Ver/Build ....
  7. yakult

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    Understood. It's just that i feel annoyed looking at T-Mobile logo and I want to replace it with better splash :D

    Thanks for the reply btw:)
  8. mmikeyy

    mmikeyy Member

    Actually yes you can replace the t-mobile image on startup, check this thread out

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