Question about Lookout asking for password of google account

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  1. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just traded in my Galaxy Note for the Note 2. I connected the Note 2 to my Mac. Using PlayStore on the Mac, I downloaded the apps I used to use on my Note to my Note 2. When I clicked on lookup and pressed a few "next", my gmail useride is displyaed and Lookout asks me to enter Password. Is it a good idea to enter the password of my Gmail account, which is also linked to Play Store with credit card info, into Lookout?

  2. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

  3. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    I downloaded it from Google Play. The first link you provided shows that the apps has been "Installed".
  4. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    In order to use Lookout, you have to have a lookout account. When you originally set-up lookout, it asked for an e-mail address and a password. When it asks for an e-mail address, it defaults to your gmail account associated to the Market on your phone. If you did like I did, I used the same e-mail address that I use for my phone related stuff, which is my gmail account. For simplicity, I also use the same password for my lookout account. Could this be what you are seeing. Lookout should have two password slots a password and a confirm password.

  5. hajimeabc

    hajimeabc Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Is it safe if I entere my gmail account password into Lookout?
  6. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    It is if thats the password you used to set up your Lookout account.

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