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  1. max45

    max45 New Member

    I recently purchased the samsung exhibit ii 4g. Now I was wondering if the micro sd slot is suppose to be spring loaded. When I put my card in it stays in place (and can be read) but there is no click to indicate that it is locked in. Also, it won't pop out if pressed in like most other phones I've seen. I have to press it down a little bit and slide it out. The manual indicates that that the card should lock in place and pop out, but I don't even see any metal pieces that would accomplish this. The slot is all plastic. Could other owners see if this is the case in their phones or am I missing something (literally and/or metaphorically). Thank you.

  2. aap

    aap Active Member

    Sounds normal to me.
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  3. epp

    epp Well-Known Member

    The MicroSD card in the Galaxy Exhibit 2, simply slides in, it should be fine.
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  4. max45

    max45 New Member

    cool, thank you for your help guys.

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