Question about movies played on the vibrantSupport

  1. forestxfaerie

    forestxfaerie New Member

    Ok so I have the vibrant coming this week.. I am deaf .. does the vibrant have a subtitle option for movies? can you check to see if avatar has subtitles. LMK

  2. tacotim

    tacotim Member

    I tried it out and i can't see any options for subtitles in either the default video player, or in double twist. Sorry bout that.
  3. forestxfaerie

    forestxfaerie New Member

    dammit WTH
  4. RxR

    RxR Member

    give Meridian Media Player a somewhere that it does subtitles
  5. tnitemare

    tnitemare New Member

    Don't bother. I had to download the .Srt file, unzip it to the external sd card and the subtitles were way out of sync. Then I copied the avatar movie file to my phone sd, put the .Srt file in the same folder and it did the same thing. I tried 3 different Srt files and they were all out of sync. I mean like 1whole minute slow. I didn't even realize it until i was 5 minutes into the movie.
    It may be the filetype they used could not sync correctly with that format, because I used the same srt file types for other movies in avi and mp4 format and they worked perfect.
  6. robo21

    robo21 Well-Known Member

    Try "speed reading" maybe that will help? :p

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