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  1. July03

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    Guys if i posted this in the wrong place or if I did something wrong in general, please forgive me, I don't regularly use forums so I don't know the "etiquette" lol.... anyway...

    I bought this Android Tablet from china and it is AWESOME. It's my first tablet ever and it was really cheap so I'm excited. Also, because of the price I paid for it, prior to receiving it I understood that what I would get might not be the best thing ever, and therefore accepted it with an open mind. Anyway I received it and I give it a 10 out of 10! It's better than I thought. Its a IC00 d50. It's a 7 inch tab and comes with android 4.0.3 . I'm not sure what the processor is but I think its a 1.2 or 1.5 ghz processor and as far as the memory it is 512mb. Any way TO THE QUESTION: Is there anyway I can make it a little faster? It's not slow but I noticed that it might take long sometimes to load a page or alot of times when I do like 3 different things on it (which is not alot on my Android phone) it gets stuck for like 10 seconds. For example, If I'm downloading an app and surfing the web, it might get stuck every once in a while and while ONLY surfing, sometimes it might take a little while to load (on wifi). Is there an app, or anything I can do to make it go faster ? THANKS!!!!

    BTW- I don't know how to root or what to do after a root, but I could learn

  2. Nick G

    Nick G Well-Known Member

    Well, I would normally suggest checking how much ram is being used. But, if it is lagging when multi tasking, I would say it probably needs to be overclocked -rooted.
  3. mikedt

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    Hmmm.. "Android Tablet from china" and "AWESOME" in the same sentence....that doesn't happen too often. :proud:

    They usually are, Ebay or a wholesaler in Shenzhen or Hong Kong was it? ...prepare to be disappointed I'm afraid.

    OK here goes...

    If it's lagging and freezing, as it seems to be. It's much more likely to be buggy software, overclocking most likely won't fix that. A software update would be required. It should work just fine without having to root or overclock it. A 1.2 or 1.5GHz CPU is normally enough to run ICS 4.0 smoothly without lag or pauses.

    Crappy and buggy software often happens with many of these cheap tablets coming directly from China. What actual device have you got?

    BTW I live in China, so I know first hand what some of this cheap Chinese tech stuff can be like.


    Just saw IC00 d50 in your it this one? ...if so, I'd send it back for a refund. At 499RMB that's got to one of the cheapest ICS tablets I've seen so far....I wonder how they do it for the fact I know exactly how they do it.
  4. July03

    July03 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for all your answers. Alright I will consider returning it but I do really want one. Can one of you maybe post a link to a better tab of $100 or less. Its my budget

    Edit: like I said. This one is laggy, maybe it's for the 500 MB of ram. So maybe you guys can help me out here. I really can't afford anything more than 100. Thanks. Yes that is the tablet but I paiild $70 for it. 9n everbuying. I would like one that could play games from gameloft like order and chaos , ill pay up to 150 for it. But if not anything else better under $100 is fine
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    Can you tell me what type?
    How much to buy?

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