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  1. devilz

    devilz Member

    I've just moved to a new simcard and for some reason this afternoon a new icon has appeared in the notification area.
    Its a picture of a simcard with a small cog wheel in the bottom left of it.

    I cant get rid of it and cant find anywhere a list of notification icons and what they mean?

    I cant clear it, i can select the icon in the dropdown notification listing but it does nothing.

    Anyone got an idea or a list of default notification icons and their explanations????

    This is a HTC Magic with 1.5 on it

  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    The new OS does a check of the SD card ... that is what the symbol means .. that that function is being performed ...

    Sounds like you have a wacky SDCard ...

    Reformat it to FAT32 .... this should clear the problem ... the system will check the SDCard each time it is mounted/unmounted ...
  3. devilz

    devilz Member

    Nope, its definitely a SIM card icon and not an SDCard icon (seen the SD card one pop up next to it when i did and unmount of the SDcard through the settings menu)
    I've tried a poweroff etc and it keeps coming back
    One thing i did do is add some contacts to the simcard from another phone could this have anything todo with it???

    Looks like its maybe todo with the SIM Toolkit option?? Is it where SMS based provider apps post their messages or something like that?? Anyway to get rid of it? (Didnt have it on my last Simcard)
  4. Scott

    Scott Active Member

    I can find two similar critters:

    1) small 2d icon with a gear in the right-hand side
    This is used when either (a) your SIM is missing, or (b) the device is reading the SIM

    2) Larger 3d-ish icon (slightly rotated) with gear in lower left
    This belongs to the STK (SIM Took Kit), but I cannot find it used anyplace.

    I suspect a goofed up SIM, dirty contacts, or an improper insert.

  5. devilz

    devilz Member

    I got the small 2d one with the gear in the lower right, the sim seems to work perfectly, i'm on the network, transferring at 3g speeds, can make and receive calls, can list the contacts on the sim card (when i used the import contacts from sim option to see if it could actually see the sim contacts that were added from the other phone)
    So im still stumped as to what is accessing the simcard or why that icon is up there...
  6. ltamake

    ltamake Member

    Is your G1 unlocked?
  7. devilz

    devilz Member

    its a G2 taiwan import (proper HTC 288meg model) unlocked, its working perfectly no problems at all, just all of a sudden in the afternoon that icon popped up (wasnt there originally even with the new simcard) it popped up after I added in some contacts onto the simcard and I noticed it when i received a text message.
    Its got its icon in the dropdown notification list with no next next to it, just a blank button with the icon to the left

    Anyone got any ideas on how to clear thing??
  8. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Sorry, I don't have an answer... but why are you adding contacts to the SIM rather than just to the phone's contacts? Also do you not have Gmail Sync for your Contacts available or in use ?

    Do you have a link to the specs of this "Taiwan G2" import ?
  9. Scott

    Scott Active Member


    That icon is called "stat_notify_sim_toolkit." It is used in just two places, both methods inside


    Tracing these methods backwards, I see that the MountService calls them when either:

    1) a volume is detected as not mounted
    2) it is checking to see if a volume is mounted

    #2 should only take a few seconds at longest.

    So, "something" is not mounted properly, though I cannot guarantee that is the SIM that is having a problem.

    You should remove and re-insert all plugable items (SIM, SD).

  10. devilz

    devilz Member

    Im adding contacts onto the SIM for the purpose of emergencies, IE HTC phone breaks and i need to call some friend/girlfriend/mum/dad etc emergency contacts, if the phone is broke i cant get their number off it, it kind of peeves me off a bit that there is no way to edit sim contacts, google seems to think that every one must have access to google contacts in any emergency simswap situtation? (oh im sure someones old nokia black and white screen phone can access my google contacts? i dont think so...)

    Anyway i've removed all removable items and reinserted, everything is working 100% sim/sdcard/calling/sms but im still getting that SIM and cog icon notification...
    something is stuck somewhere
  11. devilz

    devilz Member

    Well seeing as things are so buggy on in Android anyway i decided to root the phone with the default HTC ROM + Root
    Found out that the notification icon disappeared and didnt come back? But wait...
    A few hours later I decided i needed 3g access (had been on WIFI the whole time after the ROM change) as soon as I added in the APN that damn notification icon re-appeared and its stuck there as always...

    Everything is still working fine, 3g data is perfect/calls/sms/mms all fine, just that friendly (annoying) notification icon again. If the SIM was stuffed i would assume it wouldnt work at all?

    My phone is basically the same as a US rogers htc one i believe? Non google 288meg
  12. devilz

    devilz Member

    I found a solution!! Finally

    Went to setting>applications>manage applications> SIM Toolkit
    Then under that select Force Stop button

    after that the sim comes back into action shortly and the notification icon also disappears!
    even after a poweroff/poweron remove battery and all.. it doesnt come back [​IMG]

    Funny problem, wonder what the force stop does to stop the notification icon coming back?
  13. devilz

    devilz Member

    OK Cancel that solution... it seemed to work for about 8 hours until I woke in the morning and the notification icon had come back again...

    Back to the start again...
  14. brdivu

    brdivu New Member

    Hi, did you ever find a solution to this, I now have the same problem.

    I have an HTC Magic and it does this with the standard magic rom, or the HERO rom I've been running.

    It started happening when I asked Vodafone to swap the phone numbers assigned to two phones I own.

    I am wondering if maybe something about the phone number is stored on the sim card, so now there is a mismatch between what the network thinks the number is, and what the sim card thinks it is?
  15. 23james

    23james Active Member

    i believe it means sim card is full try deleting some messages on the sim.
  16. brdivu

    brdivu New Member

    I have no sms messages on the sim, so it cannot be this sorry.
  17. the big e

    the big e New Member

    I have th same problem. I needed to manually load my APN details as i didn't get the phone through my phone company. could this be part of the problem?:confused:
  18. johnyalfa

    johnyalfa New Member

    Hi there,

    Have the same problem with the nameless no-clearing notification. However, have tracked the point that it appears. If the fone is booted with wireless turned off, and then turn on wireless. At the point 3G/2G (have tried both) allows the wireless to takeover, the notification appears.

    We have connected the fone to pc and watched/logged with logcat and cannot spot where the code as the notification is generated.

    Only started to get this problem after upgrade to 2.1 (before stable. Test 7 i think)
    Except for annoying icon. The fone is a better device running 2.1

    Wonder if anyone has managed to cure.

  19. Scifitrekkie

    Scifitrekkie New Member

    This issue relates to the STK service as part of the SIM Toolkit, I have posted a fix for this here

    look under user scifitrekkie. It is a detailed step by step process to get rid of this notification and cog icon. (This process is for a non rooted android, if you have a rooted android get Titanium Backup Pro and under processes find the SIM Toolkit, select it and take the "FREEZE" option.).

    Then this notification will be gone once and for all
  20. hikki

    hikki Member

    I am also having this problem! I am not in NZ (I'm in Canada)
    Here's a screenshot attached. It also says "Zone" underneath this icon (you have to pull down the top taskbar that it sits on)

    I checked Scifitrekkie's proposed solution but it's way too technical, I would need to have the phone rooted (which in itself is problematic for me - I tried installing Android Toolkit but it needs Java for that - I installed Java but then Android SDK won't see that it's already installed and so it doesn't want to install itself) and then install a bunch 3rd party software and a file com.modaco.visionaryplus.r14 that's being detected as infected by Jotti's Malware Scan and VirusTotal (which in their turn use all the popular virus scanners, so it's actually redundant to use them both but anyway)
    There must be another, simpler solution to remove this annoying annoying icon?

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