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Question about rooted droid (Browse All)

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  1. jimbubba3

    jimbubba3 Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 4, 2010
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    I rooted my droid a few days ago and installed HumanCyborgs 2.1 rom. I used it for a day or so but I cant live without my keyboard backlight and I am waiting for a few bugs to be fixed. So I replaced the 2.1 rom file in my nandroid folder with my 2.0.1 backup file and voila I am back to normal. If for some reason I want to go back to 2.1 can I just replace the files in nandroid again with the 2.1 rom? Also, I have heard from a few places that you can lose root on the droid when switching roms. I am new to all of this so excuse me for a question that may be stupid. I thought once the droid was rooted and I didnt do an ota update I would still have root.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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