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Question about setting up phone..General

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  1. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    Ok so im planning on getting the Desire HD. I plan on not getting any sort of data plan and only using wifi as data source. I'll be using PAYG.So i've been looking at some videos of setting up sense.

    YouTube - Droid Incredible setup

    Skip to 1:43. When i reach this part what should i choose? I would have gone with wifi only, but would this mean that GPRS wont work? Is GPRS part of a data plan?


    what would be the ideal settings i should have ticked?


  2. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    Use Y5 Battery Saver. You can sent wifi to come on automatically at set locations - like home. Leave it empty in the wifi settings.

    Make sure you have a 3g tariff for mobile internet.

    Sorry cant view vids at work so assuming what you are asking for....
  3. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    battery wont be much of a problem i think because i will never have 3g on, and only wifi when i really want it on.

    Not sure what 3g tarrif is, but like i said i wont be having 3g (no data plan).
  4. hussar10a

    hussar10a Active Member

    Slightly off topic, but I do suggest that you think about taking out a mobile data plan. Like you I insisted that my Desire would be great only working off WiFi at home- which in truth it was for a couple of months.

    I found that I was running out of texts and minutes with my original plan, so when I upgraded I included mobile data for a couple of extra pounds per month.

    The difference in the way the phone works and the way I am able to use it is like day and night. The Desire feels.so much more capable as its able to do all the things it was designed to do all of the time , and gone Is the frustration of having to wait till I get home to grab a wifi connection.

    Yesterday I was able to take a photo of a tree that had fallen across a gate and email it to the farmer from the middle of a.field so he could identify the location and deal with it before the cows.escaped !

    Maybe a bit "rural" but It works for me, and now I wouldnt be without mobile internet.

    All IMHO of course !
  5. AndrizzleHD

    AndrizzleHD Well-Known Member

    I agree, get a data plan!
    You will eventually want to access something network-related sooner or later.
  6. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    i know having a data plan is ideal, but i just cant get one right now.

    So any thoughts on my original questions?
  7. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    I can't understand how you can afford a phone like this, but not
  8. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

  9. kungura

    kungura Well-Known Member

  10. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    in my country (cyprus), 30 euros/month gets me 2GB data and 30 SMS. That's it. No voice calls.

    That's why for now im going without a data plan.

    But seriously, nobody knows the answers to my original questions? I find it amazing we've gone this long in the thread and not one answer.
  11. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    GPRS uses data so if you don't have a mobile internet plan, you can only use it on a wifi connection.

    So bottom line

    IF you want to use mobile internet on your phone without being connected to wireless hotspot, you will need to pay for a mobile internet package.
  12. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    That's exactly it, i don't plan on using mobile internet without being connected to a wireless hotspot. Im not so dependant on having a data connection with me everywhere i go.
  13. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    So in that case, through the setup, you would touch the wifi only option and untick "data enabled" which is in the screenshot as well as data roaming.
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  14. SupremeBeaver

    SupremeBeaver Well-Known Member

    exactly the type of response i wanted. Thanks!
  15. kungura

    kungura Well-Known Member

    Bravo re spenser!!
  16. jdo330

    jdo330 Member

  17. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    No worries


    Tesco Mobile Sim Only Deals

    My lil sis just got the

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