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  1. jd761

    jd761 New Member

    I have a Verizon account that I've had for about 6-7 years.

    I have two lines on my account - One that is a Tablet (Samsung Galaxy) that is a 2GB/mo data plan (no voice), and the other is an iPhone 4S that has unlimited data and 450 minutes/month.

    I want to get out of the iPhone and get a new Droid. However, I can't upgrade my iPhone until July. However, my Tablet is "eligible" for an upgrade according to Verizon's website.

    Is there any way to use the upgrade for the tablet to replace my iPhone and keep my unlimited data?

    Maybe upgrade the tablet, swapping phone numbers between my new Droid and my old iPhone, then taking the iPhone off and replacing it with my tablet?

  2. pequeajim

    pequeajim Well-Known Member

    No, since your tablet carries the 2gb data plan with it, you will not be able to translate that to an unlimited for your new phone. In fact, if you sign a new contract with your new phone, you will lose your UL data plan. The only way is to buy a phone outside of the contract and pay month to month.
  3. I think verizon and att are going to merge..
  4. pequeajim

    pequeajim Well-Known Member

    Lol :)
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  5. did I say something funny?
  6. spottedcatfish

    spottedcatfish Well-Known Member

    I *think* that you can do the upgrade on the tablet line, then activate the phone you get on that line briefly. Once you do that, you should be able to reactivate your tablet, switch back to the tablet plan, and have that new phone available to activate on your unlimited data line. Swapping to a different phone will not cancel your unlimited data, only getting a new contract will do that.

    The only hang-up is that tablet plan, I know this works fine with additional lines on family plans and between individual phone plans, but I don't know if swapping the tablet line to a phone plan briefly will have any issues. I'd call and ask a Verizon rep "Hey, I want to use this tablet line as a phone now, can I do that? OK, if I decide I don't need the second phone later, can I switch it back to the tablet plan?" If they say yes to both, you should be OK.

    Why do you think that?

    Yes. Maybe if you tell us why you think your statement is worthy of serious consideration, we can have a discussion about how the cellular market in the US works and all learn from each other?
  7. pequeajim

    pequeajim Well-Known Member

  8. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    FCC would never allow it. It would eliminate the two largest competitors in the wireless market and that would not be in the best interests of wireless customers.

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