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Question about the Samsung Galaxy S2 vs S2 HD LTE

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  1. vdbergh

    vdbergh Member

    Hello everyone...
    I want to buy my 1st Android smartphone to replace my iPhone 4S. I'm hesitating between the SGS2 and the SGS2 HD LTE.
    I googled a lot but still can't descide which screen is the better one; the slightly smaller one, with a lower resolution and ppi of the S2 but with Super AMOLED Plus or the bigger one with better resolution and ppi, but not plus.
    If I see all the reviews, people tend to say that the screen of the S2 is much better (sharper). I believe this BUT:
    1) is the plus realy so much better that you see it when you are using the phone, or do you only see the difference if you are judging the display? a bit similar to the audiophile that sold me the golden speaker plugs... on specs much better than the 150 x cheaper ones, but I can't hear the difference.
    2) is it correct that the difference in resolution (1280x720 vs
    800x480) will give me roughly 50% more information on the screen? So less zooming when browsing or when using spreadsheets?
    3) is the difference in ppi (316 vs 217) significant?
    4) does someone has screenshots from the same screens but from the 2 devices to compare? I couldn't find any on the net.

    Off course the smart thing to do would be to go to a shop and compare the 2 phones, but in the country I'm living in, they are not available... I will order online.


  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hi Mark...

    Hello and welcome to the forums. The best place to post this would be over at our "Android Lounge" section. Where you'll get a larger audience and faster responses.

    Here is a link to that area: Android Lounge - Android Forums.
    Thanks for joining the ranks! :)
  3. vdbergh

    vdbergh Member

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