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  1. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    Hi just wondering if i do a factory reset from the privacy settings will this cause my unlocked Galaxy S to become locked into it's original network again?

  2. ayrshiredude

    ayrshiredude Well-Known Member

    Was it locked when you got it and you had it unlocked? or was it unlocked when you got it?

    If it was unlocked when you got it then no it shouldn't however not sure if you had it unlocked. I didn't realise it was unlock able yet as its only been out a few weeks.
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  3. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    I have literally just got it today from and it is already unlocked as advertised on their website.

    I mainly want to reset it just for that new start up screen you get when you first turn on the mobile lol pathetic i know
  4. Maca0716

    Maca0716 Member

    I took the plunge and it works fine, thanks for replying.
  5. psychocandy

    psychocandy Well-Known Member

    Any way to unlock one yourself?

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