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  1. crawhart

    crawhart New Member

    I'm not real savvy about the power situation for the Sprint Hero that I just bought. The OEM power source says that the input is standard 100-240V.

    The OEM output shows as 5V=1A.

    Now, I have other USB chargers (e.g., for my iPod). The input is the same (100-240V), but the output is:

    Output: 5.0V=400mA

    Can anyone tell me (a) whether this will HARM my Hero, and (b) whether this will effectively CHARGE my Hero?

    ALSO: Connecting to my computer via the USB cable: does the charge take longer than if connected directly to a wall charger?

    Thanks for any guidance.

  2. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    USB is only 500mA max, so the 1A charger would charge quicker.

    The 400mA shouldn't harm it, it'll just charge slower.

    Just learned that today, on here.
  3. crawhart

    crawhart New Member

    Thanks... that's what I suspected, but wanted a second opinion before I plug an unknown into my 3-day-old Hero.

    So, it'll recharge even a little more slowly than my computer's USB. That's OK, I just leave it plugged it while at my desk anyway; it gets an overnight charge from the wall adapter while I sleep.

    Appreciate the confirmation!
  4. BSmith

    BSmith Well-Known Member

    Your computer USB is 500mA max, so I doubt it's running above 425 or so. Probably not much of a difference either way.

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