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  1. netpa

    netpa Member

    If I got the D2G and went abroad (Barcelona, Spain, specifically), would I have to get a Vodafone SIM card to use with it? Or would I be able to use any old prepaid SIM? [/n00b question]

  2. RJT185

    RJT185 VIP Member VIP Member

    You should just have to activate an abroad package through verizon. I'm not sure if the D2G SIM is user-swapable.
  3. 747tech

    747tech Active Member

    You will need to activate the global package with verizon. The data would be free after that but the calls will cream you.

    To use a local sim which you can do, you will need to get verizon to unlock the phone. (call verizon global dept and they can help with that).
    The phone is locked to verizon.
    Once you do this you can use another carriers sim.

    Problem is you will not have data access since the phone is configured for verizon data.
    If you want data then just stick the verizon sim back in.
  4. MJFan227

    MJFan227 New Member

    I have unlocked the phone and am not able to use it. No signal when I try to make a call.

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