Question about using UK S2 in USASupport

  1. kawada

    kawada New Member

    Hi there, just a quick question from a complete newbie. I'm living in England at the moment and want to get a new phone and have picked the Samsung Galaxy S2 as my phone of choice. However i'm moving to Ohio in April and i'm just worried that if i buy an unlocked headset now (planning on using the giffgaff deal for it til i leave) that i won't be able to use it in America and find a network to use it with.

    So if i buy the phone here in the UK will i be able to use it when i move to the US?

  2. Scainer

    Scainer Active Member

    Was in the US a few months back and bought a PAYG phone (T-mobile) that used a sim card from Target for about $33.
    It worked fine but probably cost me more money than if i had just used my own sim.
  3. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    Yes, if you go with AT&T. T-Mobile in the US uses the AWS 1700/2100 MHz band for 3G/4G, which the international SGS2 doesn't support, so you'd be stuck with Edge. I've been using a Spanish SGS2 on AT&T since May, with no problems at all.

    The other two big US carriers, Sprint & Verizon, are CDMA, so they won't work at all with the SGS2.
  4. bluejava2

    bluejava2 Member

    I bought the S2 in London last month and am using T-Mobile. Yes, I am getting EDGE speeds, which I why I am looking to move to a MVNO that uses the AT&T network, like H2O Wireless or Fuzion Mobile. I should be able to get 3G speeds on their network using the S2.

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