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Support Question about X2 - "Manage Apps" section

  1. Sandi1953

    Sandi1953 New Member

    Newbie here, and newbie with Motorola Droid 2. In looking over my phone I may have inadvertantly did something I should not have. Please let me know.
    I went to "Manage Apps" on my Droid X2. Then, to "Accounts & Sync Settings". I cleared the cache, and then pressed on "Clear Data".
    Can someone tell me if made a mistake doing this?
    Did I delete some system files that now might cause a problem in the accounts & syncing ability of the phone? Thanks in advance!



    All that you did was wipe/erase your accounts, such as your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This shouldnt have any effect to the performance of your phone as far as downloading apps from the Market/Google Play. All you'll have to do is re-enter all of your account info and you should be good to go! If it didnt erase anything then I wouldnt worry. But like I said this wont mess up, or brick your phone in the long run.

    Hope this helped! :cool:

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