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  1. ws6dom

    ws6dom Well-Known Member

    I just installed cm9 today and everything went as planned except i have no market. I then followed the steps to get the market from recovery then zip from sdcard and in my cminstaller folder but i did not have the gapps folder that i had previously put in there. My question is should i boot back into webos mount the hp and put another gapps zip folder in the cminstaller folder???? Thanks for any help.

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    That's how I would do it, except you can install from recovery. No need to use the acmeinstaller.

    1. Boot into recovery via the moboot menu.
    2. (To use recovery, up/down volume buttons are used to navigate up and down, press the power button to go back, and press the "home" button to do the highlighted task. Only briefly press the buttons since it's easy to skip a step by holding down a button too long.)
    3. Press up or down volume button until "install rom from sdcard" is highlighted, press "home" button.
    4. use up/down to highlight "choose zip from sdcard", press "home"
    5. highlight the folder with your gApps file (cminstall?), press "home"
    6. highlight gApps file, press "home"
    7. highlight "yes -install gapps...", press "home" (always watch for errors)
    8. press power to go back until "reboot system now" is visible and highlighted, press "home"
  3. ws6dom

    ws6dom Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your help everything seems to be working so far.. The gapps file was there this time.
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Glad you got it working. :D

    For future reference... acme installer removes files it has installed so if you still have gApps (or any other file) in your cminstall folder, it didn't install it. The file has to be named a certain way for it to know to install it so you can't just dump any file in there and expect it to work.

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