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  1. norton70

    norton70 Member

    Hello, coming from a blackberry, the scree was always active with a flashing light if I had an email or text...can the ZTE score work in a similar fashion? Do I always have to do the unlock security swipe? is there a flash or anything indicating a new email or text, or do I have to open those applications? thanks.

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Hi norton70 and welcome to AF:)
    Some devices have LED lights that display when a new email or text is received. The Score is not one of them though. There would still be forms of notification though.

    • A sound that you have assigned in Settings/Sound Settings/Notification ringtone. This would play everytime(if you here it) letting you know something new has arrived.
    • The notification bar(very top of your phone screen) would indicate a new text or email.
    Hope this helps:D
  3. norton70

    norton70 Member

    thanks...i am starting to figure out the phone and i do see the navigation bar...i am hoping that the text will sound an alarm but not email, thanks.

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