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Question regarding message/whatsapp attachmentsSupport

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  1. Melonbob

    Melonbob Member

    Hello, I am making the jump from my 4s to a galaxy s3, and trying to figure things out. One thing I noticed, when receiving picture attachments whether through regular text or whatsapp, is that I cannot view the pics full size without downloading. I see the thumbnail, but in order to see it full size I have to download the pic to my phone, then it is stored and when I open my gallery, I have a second icon titled "whatsapp pics" or whatever. This is kind of a pain as I rarely actually keep anything sent to me, I don't much feel like filling up my new phone with junk photos etc. Anyway, is there a way to actually preview pics before downloading, or are you stuck always going into your gallery to get rid of pics you don't want. Thanks!

  2. Melonbob

    Melonbob Member

  3. knutegutt

    knutegutt New Member

    Hi., I think it is the different apps that does that - like WhatsApp. My SGS3 dont store pics for regular MMS in the Gallary - but whatsapp, handcent and other apps does..

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