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Question regarding the virtual android OS and MAps with GPS applications

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  1. Peec

    Peec New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 29, 2009
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    Hi and hello guys!

    3 days ago i started experimenting with eclipse, android sdk with the android virtual device.

    So i created some hello world apps, yea they worked.

    So i went ahead and started creating my Map application.

    It went well, tested it before i added the GPS related code. Ok it worked.

    When i added GPS related code it stopped working (crashed).

    Now my question is:
    Is this what it should do? The virtual device doesnt have a GPS so maybe its a nullpointer anywhere in my code?

    So maybe the application with GPS functions is infact working on my G1 (wich got shipped today btw :D ) , but not on the virtual device??

    Thanks for help.


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