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Questions about GPS and UpdatesGeneral

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  1. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    I have had my Vizio Tablet now for 3 weeks. In that time I have never had a OTA update on the OS. I keep seeing people talking about getting one yesterday or two days ago etc, and am wondering if there is a setting I should be looking at to see if a update is available.

    The other thing is, when I bought this tablet I asked if it had GPS and they said yes.
    I have had to install GPS Fix just to tell if this is true or not. The Google Navigator just sits and blinks, searches on and on and on. My phone gets a lock in less than two seconds.
    Is anyone else having problems with this tablet not getting a GPS lock.
    It is not a deal braker for me if it doesn't work but it sure would be nice since when I bought it it was supposed to work.
    And what is the deal with all these Andorid products hitting the market and the GPS not working.
    Motorola Triumph, GPS crap, Aivio Tablet GPS crap, Asus Transformer Prime GPS crap.
    And I'm sure there are others. Can't these companies put working equipment in our purchased goods any more?

    It took 7+ min for the tablet to get a lock to my phones less than two seconds. WOW!!!! I'm impressed. NOT!
    Also looking in settings it says the version of Android running is 2.3.2 GRH78C?
    Build number 1.9.57
    Software version 1.1.18
    Could someone check their tablet and see if that matches? I just want to be sure it is up to date and if not figure out why and get it up to date.

  2. ronk734

    ronk734 Active Member

    Android running is 2.3.2 GRH78C?
    Build number 1.9.57
    Software version V. I. A. Plus 1.4

    Looks like a different Software Version. Bought my Tablet Dec 31
  3. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Are you running stock home screen or have you installed a third party launcher to make it work like a regular tablet?
    I thought it was ok as it was out of the box but really wanted something more typical. I installed the VLT Launcher from the market and it have made a huge difference.
    What about the GPS? Have you tried it?
  4. ronk734

    ronk734 Active Member

    I,m using Go Launcher. I have the same on my phone and that's why I'm using Go Launcher on the Vtab. I didn't really try the GPS yet. I did find this How Can I Fix My Android's Crappy GPS?
  5. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    Yah, I'm aware of that for cell phones but as this tablet is wifi only and you take it with you on a drive if you are going to use the GPS using it as AGPS is about useless unless you have a wifi connection in your car.
    These Vizio tablets are supposed to be able to run GPS without that. Or at least that is the way I understood it when I bought it.
  6. Drang

    Drang Active Member

    Google Navigator looks for a data connection to work. Try either downloading the route data in Google Maps will connected via wifi, or installing an off-line navigation program.
  7. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    So installing something like NAVAGON USA to the tablet will bypass the need for a wireless connection by downloading the maps to the unit.
    How would I do the rout data to GM.
    I wish Google had their own stand alone app for GPS.

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