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Questions about HTC Evo V and Virgin Mobile

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  1. dsf3g

    dsf3g Member

    Hey, fellas

    My Sprint contract is up in about 6 months and I'm toying with the idea of going pre-paid to save money. I've currently got the HTC Evo 4G. There's decent WiMax in my area and coupled to the fact that I love my Evo 4G, the HTC Evo V is an appealing choice to me

    Got a couple of questions, though:

    Does the Evo V announce itself as an Evo 3D in the Google store? I'm curious because the Hulu+ app is compatible with the Evo 3D but there's no mention of the Evo V. I'm a Hulu+ subscriber and have the app on my Evo 4G, so being able to install it on an Evo V would be a big plus. Anyone got Hulu+ on their Evo V?

    What, if any differnce would I notice moving frmo Sprint to Virgin, in terms of coverage and 3G/4G speeds? I'm assuming that in networks I won't notice any difference, is this correct?

    But beyond the areas where Sprint itself has towers, I'm SOL, right? Virgin doesn't even offer extra cost roaming (even for voice?)

    Also, in terms of 4G reception, does anyone here have any experience with the Evo 4G and the Evo V? Is their WiMax radio pretty much equivalenyt in terms of sensitivity?

  2. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    the evo V is pretty much the same thing as the 3D but its rebranded, in my play store when i download something from my computer its labeled as htc evo V virgin mobile, your speeds might be a little slower but not too much. and correct it is impossible to roam on virgin they don't allow it, i cant tell you much about 4g i have used it rarely.
  3. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    Just FYI, but depending on the plan you have with Sprint, you may want to look at Boost Mobile as well. They only have one plan, unlimited, but it gets cheaper as you stay with them, and they have some different devices like the SII 4G, and the Evo Design 4G.
  4. ve14326

    ve14326 Member

    Hey all...

    I am a current Tmobile customer with an old school flip phone. Samsung t139. Well, as my contract with Tmobile expired, I have decided to go, prepaid, and will go with Virgin.

    Yesterday, I bought myself an HTC Evo V 4g. To make sure it's good to go, I just got done securing a Seidio 4000maH extended battery and the Seidio CONVERT case value bundle designed for the extended battery. I also picked up a Sandisk 32gb micro sd to max out my storage ability.

    So, is there anything else I really need?

    I want a mount for the car, but have no intention of removing it from anything but the holster part of that whole protective bundle. Anyone know a mount that will work with all of that?

    Thanks and look forward to being on here.
  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I'd recommend buying the HTC Evo 3D car mount, you can find it currently on Ebay for $14.20. I know you said you just want the mount but it also comes with a car charger. It's a good kit and a great deal at this price.

    And in case you weren't aware, the Evo V is the exact same phone as the Evo 3D, just the 3D is Sprint branded and the Evo V is Virgin Mobile branded -- at least usually, there are some here that have Evo V's that still say Sprint on the front.
  6. ve14326

    ve14326 Member

    Ok...will that car mount allow me to keep it in the Seidio cases? I have seen a few GPS mounts made for the phone that won't even let you have it in a silicone skin. Anybody know?

    Was the rest of what I bought overkill, or is that basically the right setup? Should I do anything differently?

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