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  1. psycopuppy

    psycopuppy Member

    I recently got a android smartphone (Huawei Eula M865 from Cricket) and for the first month it worked fine. Then I found out about rooting and tethering. I did both of those and for a while it worked fine. Then suddenly my internet speed dropped like a rock. Youtube videos wont load, I am getting connection timed out messages on the marketplace, and tethering is just as bad. I thought that it might be something that I did while tethering or rooting or maybe a virus or something but I did a defrag of the phone (using my computer) ran a virus scan on it, and nothing. I then tried restoring it to the factory settings thinking that would get rid of the rooting that I had done to it before but that didnt work either. Then I thought that maybe it was something cricket was doing but my wife (who has the exact same phone on the same plan and is tethering as well but without rooting it) is having no problems at all. So now I'm at a loss. If Cricket was slowing my speed down wouldnt my wife's phone get slowed down as well? (since we are basically doing the same things) But that wouldnt explain why I am having connection time outs in the marketplace. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. psycopuppy

    psycopuppy Member

    this is annoying, someone has got to have some idea how to fix this
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *moved to Huawei 835 forum*

    I realize it's not the exact same model, but it might get you closer to an answer if a similar model had the same issues.

    First, have you tried connecting to Wifi and see if the problems persist? Wifi takes Cricket completely out of the loop for data speeds. It is quite possible that a carrier can throttle data speed on a single phone on an account with multiple devices, especially if you are a heavy data user. If you have your phone tethered, then it's likely you are using a good bit more data than your 'average' user.

    If turning on Wifi doesn't improve things, then i'd have to think that either with root access you removed or change something that the phone's 3G connection needs or that your phone has a defective or failing component.
  4. psycopuppy

    psycopuppy Member

    hmmm...well, we dont have wifi (hence the tether) so I cant check that, but I did a little experiment last night. My wife had left her phone at the house so I tethered mine first and tried to watch a show on hulu. it froze every couple of seconds. I then tried using my wifes phone. It froze a couple of times but was pretty smooth. I used the same tethering app (easy tether) made sure that nothing else was running on either phone, and even tried doing stuff like switching the phone off and on, clearing the cache, defraging, etc. nada. If it is a root problem is there a way for me to un root it? Or should I find a free wifi hotspot and check to see if my connection rate improves first?
  5. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    I'd find a wifi hotspot first before you go looking for a problem that might not exist.

    Depending on the method you used to root your phone, there certainly is a way to unroot it, but i doubt that having root is messing you up. I am suggesting that if (and it's a big IF) the problem lies with the configuration or part of the phone's OS, then it may be something you inadvertently changed with root permission. At this point, unrooting it wouldn't change anything.
  6. leolupin

    leolupin Member

    MetroPCS and Cricket like to throttle your data speeds once you go over a certain amount of bandwidth in a month. Idk what Cricket's is but I know with metro on the standard plans if you DL more than 5G in one month they significantly lower your data speeds. The same thing happened with my M835 after I rooted and started tethering :)
  7. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    could this be a coincidence? I'd really like my data speeds to be back at the "norm." :p

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