questions about rooting a Nabi 2 tablet

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  1. mcf57

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    I got my 6yr old son a Nabi 2 tablet for Xmas. So far, he loves it and its been a pretty solid performer for us. It has a "nabi" mode for him and a "parent mode" for me that basically makes it an Android 4.0 tablet. It didn't come with the Google Play store and at first I thought this was going to be an issue, but I have found some alternative android markets that have worked well including Amazon App store, Aptoide, 1MobileMarket and GetJar to name a few.

    I am still interested in possibly getting the Google Play store and my research has turned up that this tablet can be rooted in order to get Google Play. A few question about rooting this tablet though:

    • Will rooting it wipe out all my currently installed apps?
    • Will rooting it get rid of the special "nabi" OS portion of the tablet?
    • I have HBO GO installed and it has a Mini HDMI output. Normally, I don't think HBO GO will allow you to "mirror" the display to a HDTV, but will rooting it allow this?
    • If it doesn't wipe out currently installed apps, can I move apps to the external micro SD card? Or can I at least be able to install future apps on to the micro SD card? (I can't do either of these in its current form)

  2. mcf57

    mcf57 Well-Known Member

  3. Disapproval

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    Rooting doesn't wipe your currently-installed apps.

    I don't even know what this "nabi" OS is; but I'll assume it won't remove it.

    Rooting doesn't do anything by itself apart from install Superuser. There's probably a root-only app that will do the HDMI mirroring that you need.

    About "moving apps to the SD card," most apps won't move with the stock 'settings' application.
    You're going to have to download Titanium Backup (which is a Root-application) and press the Menu key, then press "Batch Operations." Once you've done that, Scroll down until you see "move apps to SD" or something along those lines. Press the 'run' button. It will now move the apps to the SD card.

    Also, you may be able to download a google play APK from 4shared or something. Try searching "Google play apk download" and move it to the phone's SD card via USB.
    If that doesn't work, then sorry. I'm not sure.

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