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questions about zte merit (not rooted) (Net10)Support

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  1. Angelbaby01

    Angelbaby01 Member

    Ok, I bought this zte merit z990g from Net10 back in Feb (runs on at&t towers)
    I was sent a text yestetday telling me to follow the link to update my browser, yet when i did, nothing happened. Also, Im needing to know can I change the gingerbread stock to a different one, or will that mess my phone up? If so, how to I go about that? I know I need to download the update.zip but I have no clue as to how to do it or whats the best thing to use. This phone has NO memory space at all :-(

    Also, is there a way to restore my internet, because Net10 's unlimited plan is no longer unlimited and though I have refilled my account 3 months in a row, they still wont allow me axcess to it......or can one of you tell me how to safely unlock my phone so I can go to a diffrent carrier?

    Someone, anyone with this knowledge, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  2. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    my suggestion: call them and tell them to send you a tmobile sim if you live in a good coverage city/suburb area for tmobile. otherwise, do a phone reset and use a different default browser like opera mini, chrome, firefox, etc.
    they can also have you adjust the apn settings on the phone to access at&t towers.
  3. Angelbaby01

    Angelbaby01 Member

    Ive contacted Net10 about it they refuse to unlock my phone. Instead they promise to credit my account the data I paid for but never received, and told me on several occasions that they will fix my internet issue and/or if I could "just wait" 24 hrs after refilling my account that the system would correct itself. (I've waited 3 months and still nothing yet I continue to pay $50 monthly) contacted straight talk and was told that I could switch over to them with my merit, however I have to get a new at&t sims card from walmart (was told by walmart employee that they cant sell me a sims card because they are for their contract customers)
    Im at a loss here. Im not sure what to do. Net10 is robbing me blind, and as a single mom of two small kids....I cant really afford to buy a new phone.

    Would an old at&t compatiable sims card work and would you know if I can safely change from gingerbread stock to a diffrent one without bricking my phone?

    I appreciate all the help I can get. Again, thank you.
  4. Angelbaby01

    Angelbaby01 Member

    I have the zte merit z990g (bought it around the first of the year so its fairly new) and it keeps saying that the browser needs updated. Ive followed the link NET10 sent....got nothing but a white screen. Now 70% of the time is says error when it attempts to load a page even with a great signal. Any suggestions as to fixing this snd the best web browser for the merit? :confused:
    Honestly, I dont know what I am doing soooo......help please!!!

    For someone else:
    Also, a few friends were wondering if the zte merit can be updated from "gingerbread" to something else such as "jellybean", etc.....if so what one is recommended?

    Like I previously stated, Im still new to all this, and not really tech savvy, so I thought least I could do is ask the good people here at AF since everyone seems to know alot more about these things.

    Last night I received new APN settings from Net10 tec support to uodate the APN on my phone, but I have a major issue.

    The way she sent them to me (through sms) look foriegn to me. They actually look like a web link!?!? I have no idea where to put what and cant see my current APN settings to try and figure it out.

    This is what she sent me:


    See why it confuses me??

    Can someone please write this out correctly so I can know exactly where I suppose to enter what in the correct fields.

    I really dont want to chance messing my phone up and giving my luck.....it'll happen.

    Thank you soooo much!!

    Honestly dont know what to do when it comes to this phone.
    For the past week Ive been trying to find the correct APN settings for my zte merit z990g and not a one sent to me via net10 works.

    Yesterday evening I spoke to a net10 tec who was actually able to find a temporary APN that got my internet working, but my mms, gps, and downloads didnt work.
    After about a hour, my phone does this shut off and turned itself back on like it has since I first bought it.

    Well, when it did that, it some how reset my entire phone, erasing my contacts and APN.
    Now I'm back to square one with no data and the only web axcess I have is my wifi connection.

    Get this, the net10 tec said my phones mobile network had been remotely disabled and that net10 doesnt have APNs for the zte merit.....so this leaves me to ask, HOW DID THEY CONFIGURE MY APN WHEN THEY INITIALLY ACTIVATED THE PHONE FOR ME? The mobile network was working great then, up until my data was "suspended"
    And why sell a product that they dont carry APNs for?
  5. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    does it say "error:access denied"? I get that randomly and have to go into settings and turn airplane mode off and on and it works fine. No official upgrades for this phone, but there are some interesting ROMs.
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  6. Angelbaby01

    Angelbaby01 Member

    Recently its been giving me that message and one that says it cant understand what Im requesting, for instance, when I tap the link to the android forum.
    Doesnt make much sence to me how it doesnt understand a link Ive axcessed a few hundred times…
  7. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    It could just be your area, ATT is doing a lot of upgrades to towers. Mine had been acting buggy for a week, not giving me data randomly, then it turns out I finaly got 3g on this phone! woohoo.

    If not, i have the net10 and this is what mine says



    MMS PRoxy
    MMS Port
    APN Typew

    good luck
  8. blue_angel

    blue_angel Well-Known Member

    She my twin, we she runs off att tower i think
  9. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    me too.
  10. loricross

    loricross New Member

    I receive a text from net10 stating my phones browser is required a update how do I do that. the link doesn't do anything
  11. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    I got one of thosde bfore and it didnt do anything either. I would just ignore it.
  12. hatenet10

    hatenet10 New Member

    My zte merit z990g stopped sending or receiving mms data just totally stopped, checked my apn was completely blank all the way down, after several calls, i also received that odd looking text you cant do anything with, after much bit&@:

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