Questions and help with rooting htc wildfire s from metropcs

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  1. dmcd7782

    dmcd7782 Active Member

    I have a metro pcs htc wildfire s and i just have a few questions

    1. I bootloaded the phone but, read somewhere to skip the updating of the ruu. I'm guessing ruu means rom? When i did decide to update the ruu i kept getting some error codes. Should i re-do the process of bootloader from and should i update the ruu like the site says and choose the metro pcs ruu they suggest?

    2 anyone have any instructions that are easy and effective to root this phone?

    3 once rooted can i delete/uninstall all the apps that come with the phone (metropcs apps that come with the phone) to speed up the phone etc.?

    4 once rooted can all apps be switched to the sd card or just certain apps?

    I just wanna say thank you. Everyone has been a great help with all my questions. I don't know what i would do without this site

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    1. RUU = ROM Update Utility. When you boot the phone into bootloader, if it says *** UNLOCKED *** or *** LOCKED (OOW) *** at the top, then it's unnecessary to update anything.


    3. Uninstalling apps will not speed up the phone, though it will free up memory. You can uninstall bloat and unused system apps like facebook, twitter, plurk etc. DO NOT uninstall anything related to the system or Sense. DO backup your ROM before making changes per step 5 of the guide above. DO install Titanium Backup from Google Play and backup/uninstall apps with it so you can restore them if things get funky.

    4. All user apps can be moved but system apps can't unless you use Link2SD.

    I'm glad you're finding the community at Android Forums helpful!
  3. dmcd7782

    dmcd7782 Active Member

    thank you for the reply it is much appreciated. I'm not sure to reply back here or on the link you sent me. Ill reply here

    last week i unlocked the bootloader via since then i've tried multiple times to update the ruu but, keep getting error code 190..i tried to manually update it via the temp file and the folder can't be found. When i use hboot it says image not found. on step 5-4 the file name wouldn't come up so the rest of the steps i didn't do because, it would proberly not long as i can save files to the sd card its fine. would be nice to delete certain apps (imsocial,etc) all i want is not to have the low memory warning from the phone and ill be happy. Ive wasted to long on this.

    Thank you everyone who have helped me in my progress :)

    in my sd card can i delete the root zip folder (not sure where i got that from)
  4. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    If you have managed to unlock your bootloader, it is not necessary to update the RUU. But if you really want to update it, you will have to relock the bootloader, update the RUU and then you can unlock it again.
    If I were you I wouldn't bother, updating the RUU does not make any difference to the phone as far as the user can see
  5. dmcd7782

    dmcd7782 Active Member

    Thank you, i thought it might make a difference...i will now skip the updating of the ruu
  6. swiminstyx

    swiminstyx New Member

    I am a total noob when it comes to this. But I'm having trouble even unlocking the bootloader of my phone. I'm using mac osx 10.5.8, the phone has hboot 1.10.0001
    When I try to run the fastboot from terminal is says directory does not exist. Help?
  7. swiminstyx

    swiminstyx New Member

    Also when I turn the device on in bootloader mode when it does the checks for the rom it says no image or incorrect image under each attempt. phone works normally, however.
  8. DNRDustin

    DNRDustin Well-Known Member

    sounds to me like you dont have fastboot drivers. DL the android sdk and set up all that jazz, start at but there are plenty of other resources and guides around. i might also suggest, if you really are a "noob", getting access to a windows pc. it must just keep you from pulling your hair out...

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