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  1. TWB1990

    TWB1990 Member

    Hey guys I am thinking about changing from a LG Optimus T (T-mobile) to a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (Straight Talk). I was wondering If anyone had an opinion on the Proclaim. I have read mixed reviews about it but they were mostly about people who didn't understand the features of a smartphone. But just in case there are any real issues with the phone I want to hear them. So please give me some advice :)

    The Optimus T has been nothing but a pain. I cannot take it anymore so if someone has another phone for me to try that's around the same price as the Proclaim ($150) for a prepaid service please post it and let me know.

    Next question I have about the Proclaim is if I purchase the Proclaim what case do I look for when purchasing. I would really like to get an Otterbox if possible. I know that the Proclaim is just a renamed Verizon phone for Straight Talk.

    Thank you all ahead of time and I am so sorry if this is posted in the incorrect forum.


  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    First off welcome to the forums TWB1990!

    I have moved this thread into the Proclaim forums so you can receive some better feedback :)

    And i know that an otterbox is great just because it makes the phone a tank, but it also increases the size a lot, make sure you are aware of that.
  3. TWB1990

    TWB1990 Member

    Thank you for the relocation! I was unaware there was an entire area dedicated to the Proclaim.

    To clarify my question about the case. When I shop for a case what do I look for. For instance "Otterbox for ____" I am unaware of what case to get. I know it is just a renamed samsung galaxy from verizon but I am not sure which one. So I don't even know where to start looking.
  4. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for Straight Talk (SCH-S720C) is a VERY VERY CLOSE rebrand of the Samsung Galaxy Illusion (SCH-I110) for Verizon. The one significant difference is the Proclaim only has 1GB of internal RAM, while the Illusion has 2GB.

    Accessories are completely interchangeable.

    There is no Otterbox for the Illusion/Proclaim yet. And since the phone has been out for some time now, it appears there won't be one in the future either.

    DO NOT try to use any custom ROM you may find for the Illusion on your Proclaim (and the opposite is also true). There are those minor differences between the phones... which in turn can cause a wrong ROM install to BRICK your phone.

    RECOMMENDATION: I *highly* suggest you get the phone at a local WalMart. This is because there have been a small, but significant number of complaints of initial phone failures (screen issues mostly). So you'll want to be able to exchange it in store rather than wait for back and forth mailed replacements. -- To avoid issues with porting your phone number (either now or in future if you need to replace your phone and/or carrier), I also suggest porting your current cell number to Google Voice and use it's ability to follow your phone. I've had 3 carriers / phones in just as many years... all the time still using the same phone number.
  5. TWB1990

    TWB1990 Member

    Thank you Jedi. So is there any sort of "close second" as far as durability goes in a case?

    How do I set up the google voice thing? The last time I changed phone companies it was from Straight Talk to T-Mobile and all I had to do was request the number be "released" from Straight Talk. I have read quite a few issues with google voice. But it would be better than waiting 1 hour to one day for the number to be released.

    As far as ROMs go I will probably come here to ask lots of questions. I successfully rooted my POS Optimus a few months ago and it took care of some of the problems I had with the phone but its still to much for me to handle. The SD card auto-dismounts, the screen is too small, etc. (Sorry for the mini-rant :p) But I used z4root. Idk if thats good or bad but I will most definitely come here for help with rooting it once I do get it (after Christmas).
  6. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Answered your case question in your other thread.

    Google Voice isn't perfect, but if you take the time to try it and use all its features, it is very much worth the effort. Nice thing I like is when I do switch carriers/phones, Google Voice can be running on both the old and new phones at the SAME TIME. Meaning both receive and send using the same number! Great for the overlap time period between contracts/monthly periods.

    I rooted every phone I've owned except for this one. It seems to have enough space on it to not bother "debloating" it. And unless you really dislike the TouchWiz interface Samsung uses, I don't see a lot of useless apps requiring removal on this model. And lastly, FoxFi has made it stupid simple to turn your phone into a hotspot... without needing root. -- So by not rooting the phone, it stays more stable in my humble opinion.
  7. TWB1990

    TWB1990 Member

    Okay, is there a guide on here on how to go about the google voice thing?
  8. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Just go to and sign up. It will step you through setting up an account (let Google give you a phone number - you can port your cell number later). Then install the Google Voice app on your phone.

    Then just play with it and figure out all the possibilities. You won't hurt anything, nor risk screwing up your phone.
  9. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Just go to and sign up. It will step you through setting up an account (let Google give you a phone number - you can port your cell number later). Then install the Google Voice app on your phone.

    Then just play with it and figure out all the possibilities. You won't hurt anything, nor risk screwing up your phone.
  10. Rockindad

    Rockindad Member

    I have a Proclaim that I rooted with Shabby's way and everything worked great till I started playing with fonts in Rom Toolbox Pro "Bloody" font to be exact. Now it's "Bricked" I have tried "One Click Unbrick" and all that but just getting ready to run down to Walmart and get another one and root it again but just use fonts from Play Store. lol But what I was going to say was at one time I had my service disconnected till I went and refilled. I was still able to make calls and receive them while hooked to wifi using "Google Voice & Groove IP light" (Google Play Store) worked great. :)
  11. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Yes. I have been at an RV park way out in the boondocks where there was no cell service. They had free WiFi, so I launched GrooVeIP Lite (now own the full version) and was making / receiving calls left and right.

    BTW, there are servicemen overseas using this same method to call back home. Good stuff!
  12. lanie99

    lanie99 Member

    Did you ever find s good case? The one i have has broken tabs and keeps falling off. i would like something like an otterbox too...any luck.
  13. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    No. No good rugged cases. Even the wife's one-piece silicon one has stretched so badly that it just falls off. I have an acceptable holster case right now.
  14. slow_mo_panda

    slow_mo_panda Member

    In case you haven't heard yet, and haven't gotten the phone yet, just be aware, Straight Talk is THE WORST customer service and service in general that I have ever seen anywhere. Yeah, it's dirt cheap for the Unlimited, but they WILL cut off your service if they think you're 'over-using' the so-called 'unlimited data'. And I recently had to stay up for over 24 hours straight to deal with 3 different 'agents' (and several trolls) on the ST Facebook page when their entire website, phone number went down, and I was not able to re-load my new card. Then I was told that they would not even be able to accept the card, because I had purchased a $30 card to use instead of the 'Unlimited', and I had never been told or knew that you can NOT use the cheaper cards! So after 2 days of back and forth messaging with these people, they agreed to (graciously, apparently) 'grant me' an Unlimited 15 days so I could have time to go buy another $45 card. I have also dealt with the CS on the phone and almost all of them are very bad at English, and I know more about my problems and what to do than these people did!
    I HIGHLY recommend not getting Straight Talk, or at least looking into unlocking the phone and using another carrier. Good luck!
  15. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    So you want ultra-cheap phone service pricing AND top-tier customer service. Umm... nope. Ain't gonna happen. And as for not being allowed to use a $30 card on your Proclaim... that's clearly on the packaging, website, and display at the store. It says "requires $45 Unlimited service plan".

    Look at Republic Wireless users. $19 a month service for unlimited talk, text, and data. But getting 1 on 1 customer service is not so easy. They rely heavily on users helping each other out in their forums.

    Now, go pay $120 a month for Verizon unlimited service, you can just walk into any Verizon store and talk to them directly!

    As for being able to jump for carrier to carrier as you get frustrated with their service, you need to purchase an unlocked GSM phone. Preferably one that is Quad-band capable if you plan to ever go outside the US. Then, you can just pop in the SIM of whatever service company you want to use.

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