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  1. blahgman

    blahgman New Member

    Well I've had my droid X for quite awhile now and have decided to finally root it. I'm completely new to this sort of thing (1st smartphone as well), and while the stickies/other threads are helpful, I have some questions I can't find answers to, as well as a lot of them being outdated. I'd also like to be sure on everything before I do anything that could potentially ruin my precious phone :D

    Version is .605 and I've been mostly looking at the thread [TUTORIAL]Simple Gingerbread .602 SBF and Root Process (Updated 9.9.11)

    So in the thread, it says that Psouza's 1 click root will root version .605 as well as .602, so my main question is why do I need to SBF my phone to .602? It's the first step, and the most confusing for me so far. I understand that it makes the phone like it's out of the box new, but I don't get why I need to SBF the phone...? I'd rather not if possible because I don't want all my app data/game saves deleted (and I can't find a way to back these up without having a rooted device *sigh*). Or is it possible to SBF the phone without everything being deleted like another source I read? It's also confusing with all the conflicting tutorials I've read, some say to SBF, some don't even mention it.

    Also, the last step in the thread is about installing a custom rom. I'm pretty sure I know the answer is no, but is this necessary? I've been using launcher pro and I like the look of my phone and would rather not mess with this right at the start (maybe eventually though). Also, what are the advantages of using a custom ROM?

    Simple version: Can I just use the Psouza4's 1 click root without SBF'ing my phone or installing a custom rom and be rooted?

    Last but not least, I've read that the 1 click root method is easy and I shouldn't have any problem with it. Once it's done, and (if) I don't install any custom roms, is that pretty much it?'s rooted and I can then take full control over the device and apps, as well as start using apps that require rooting immediately? It almost seems too easy lol :)

    Sorry for the noob questions, but I just can't find some answers and like I said, I *REALLY* want to know what I'm doing in full before rooting it. And thanks in advance, I don't post much but I lurk alot in the droid x forums and everyone is incredibly helpful. If you need any other info, just let me know, and after I get everything answered and in order I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    let us know if you have any issues.
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  3. blahgman

    blahgman New Member

    Wow you weren't kidding, it really was that easy. Took about 10 minutes or so, the 1 click root worked perfectly. No issues and checked with rootchecker which said everything was ok. Thanks!!!:D

    About nandroid, where do I find this? I keep reading about nandroid but can't find it in market. I found a guide for how to create a backup with it and it says it is part of Clockworkmod rom manager, is this true? It comes up first in a search through market, can't find anything actually called nandroid.
  4. catmanzrt

    catmanzrt Active Member

  5. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    yeah you can use Rom Manager but i like to use D2 recovery to do my backups.
  6. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Rom Manager is all most phones/tablets have. It's great for downloading nightly builds for roms that support it and EXCELLENT for managing your backups (delete, rename to an informative name). I update both ways (that sounds bad :D)... in recovery or via Rom Manager.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a backup before you make any questionable changes or install a rom or theme.

    You should also install Titanium Backup and start backing up your apps/data. The pro version lets you keep more than one copy of an app (I have mine set to the last 5 versions) and makes restoring lots of apps a LOT easier. I purchased both RM and TIBU... both excellent apps.

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