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  1. hpbatman7

    hpbatman7 Member

    Ok, I was just wondering for those of us who are now in this multi - week, extended delay for our phones, is your passion for wanting the phone waining?

    Do you think that if you do have some of the various issues that have shown up, will you be less tolerant?

    Has the extended wait affected your love life?

    For me I would say the following, after almost a month now of waiting for the phone, I just want a new phone and I want it to work, I think I could care less that it can do all these "incredible" things, I just want a phone at this point. And based on how hard it is to get, I am a little worried that if I do have issues, I don't think I can wait another month to get a replacement phone, you know?

    I don't know a few months ago, I couldn't wait for this phone to come out and now I am like..."Meh..."

    Maybe I will love it, maybe it really will be incredible, who knows..

    Just wondering if anyone else was feeling the same way...

  2. RedCamaroZSS

    RedCamaroZSS Active Member

    Wanna buy mine? 550 cash with Steinheil CC and VZW black silicone, 16 GB SD installed. Mint condition. Meet at the MI OH border. PM me.
  3. Excedio

    Excedio Well-Known Member

    wow at ^that^ dude.

    That was pretty creepy sounding.
  4. Divine_Madcat

    Divine_Madcat Well-Known Member

    Maybe Hp-batman can play it safe and show up with something like this...

  5. RedCamaroZSS

    RedCamaroZSS Active Member

    HAHA, yeah I guess it was creepster. Didn't realize.
  6. hpbatman7

    hpbatman7 Member

    I never PM anyone, that just sounds weird...:D

    I got my phone for 100 bucks with my new every 2 discount, so no, I won't buy's just at this point the "newness" of the phone has already wore off and I don't even have the phone yet. That and this lack of communcation from Verizon, the inconsistant messages we get, some CSR's say a 10 day delay, some say 5, some say they can't tell anything, some will email people back etc.. It's like a bad soap opera, I just want the phone I paid for and I want it to's just a little frustrating I mean it's not like the Incredible is the Iphone or anything..:rolleyes: (I know it's better....)
  7. Indrux

    Indrux Well-Known Member

    I just need something to replace my old phone too. If there is a 2 week delay for my order, I'll just switch over the the Droid X because honestly I don't care anymore at this point.
  8. criDikal

    criDikal Well-Known Member

    I'm at week 3 and I can't say my anticipation is any different. I've been playing with EVOs since actually ordering my Incredible.

    As far as the issues, I'm not too concerned about those because the later you get your device means it comes from a different batch. Meaning that issues that have been identified with the previous batches in manufacturing should be corrected.
  9. Reddman6988

    Reddman6988 Well-Known Member

    I got mine on the 21st. I absolutely love it. Really is worth the wait guys keep up the struggle you wont be disappointed
  10. Yodeldog

    Yodeldog Member

    Reddman, when did you order yours? How long did they tell you it would be?

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