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Questions on battery charging - Galaxy 551Tips

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  1. newlearner

    newlearner Member

    Hi all,

    1) Anyone know how long would it take for the battery to be fully charged ?

    2) Is there a way to check the percentage of the battery status? The status on mine showed "charged" (from charging) but the battery icon on the top is only half-filled (with a + sign) with blue color so I wonder how full the battery is after it is charged??

    Since it is the first time I charge the battery, should I leave it to be charged for overnight??

    3) How long would the battery last?

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    1.)Depends on what you are charging with ? Charger or PC

    2.)There are battery apps,widgets available .BUT I have customized my ROM (Gloat,Gloat) which shows percentage directly .

    NO,dont ever leave it charged overnight.First discharge the battery completely then charge it

    3.)3/4 hours if you use full power ,8 hours for heavy normal ,16 hours for normal,36 for light ,48 is super minimal.:)
  3. newlearner

    newlearner Member

    My phone status changed from "charging" to "charged" in about 2.5 hours (using the charger). But as I said the battery icon on the top is only half-filled with blue color. Then I left it charged for another hour or so and then the battery icon is fully-filled. I guess that must indicate that the battery is fully charged so I disconnected it from the charger. So total took about 3.5 hours.
  4. hi
    as an experience, when the charged is appeare, it takes an hour too fully charged, when a notification sound play and on top left appeare a icon with blue battery and 100% on it, now your battrey is fully charged.
    مهاجرت کانادا
  5. arora.eshaan

    arora.eshaan New Member

    use doctor battery saver
    it tells u how much 2 charge
    it even has an option for fully charge
    after getin' full charged it will play a sound f ur selection
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