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  1. olivia.hunneyball

    olivia.hunneyball New Member

    Hi, i just got a Samsung Galaxy S so need a few questions for people to answer......

    1) How do i access facebook as an app not the internet?
    2) Can i delete games once i have installed them?
    3) How do i delete shortcuts on my homepages?
    4) And finally are there any recomended free apps/games you could tell me?

    Thankyouu, i know this is alot to answer but please do your best! :) :eek::D

  2. dawwgy

    dawwgy New Member

    1) I believe there are several Facebook apps out there .... I heard Bloo is a good one

    2) go to your applications menu (where you see all your apps) press the menu button (bottom left) select Edit then click on the apps you want to delete then click the menu button again and save.

    3) to delete shortcuts click on them and hold it down, you will see a trash can at the bottom of the screen, drag it there and let go

    4) apps depend on the person, I would reccomend looking on this site some more, im sure there are several "best app" threads

    hope that helped
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    The official facebook app is horrible... it used to be good. Then they screwed it up.

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