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  1. pogmahon

    pogmahon New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a couple of quick questions namely, what's the red cross which has appeared in my task bar signify? I can find any feature or option which seems to be related and google is NOT my friend on this one it seems....

    Also this particular handset is connected to optus "talk and text" (Australia) and it's absolutley devouring prepaid credit at a ridiculous rate eventhough i've disable all push notifications? I've resorted to disabling 3G data but surely this is not the most useful thing to do? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Graeme.

  2. kayboon

    kayboon Member

    can post a photo to show it?
  3. Aysgarth

    Aysgarth Member

    The red cross is the symbol that your phone is not connected to the network. I get it until I unlock my sim and it connects to Optus or if my connection drops out.

    Optus settings can be found here

    APNs | Ausdroid

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