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  1. JoeKneeM

    JoeKneeM New Member

    1. Why do some pictures go into the "Camera" folder and some into the "Pictures" folder, and how do I get them to just go into one?
    2. How do I combine those two folders so all my pictures are in one place?
    3. Why don't my pictures display in order of date taken, and how can I put them in that order?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Rename the Pictures folder. The app that's looking for it will complain and you can change its settings to save in the Camera folder. (Screen shots go to Pictures by default, and I don't think you can change that unless you use a screen shot app.)

    The industry default has been, for some time, that camera pictures go to a folder named /DCIM/Camera. You may have some non-camera-type app that's putting them in /Pictures.

    Use a file manager app like Total Commander and move the files.

    In Gallery? They're in the order in which Media Scan found them. In QuickPic (free at Play) you can change the sort order.
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