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  1. t3monkey boy

    t3monkey boy Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 3, 2009
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    Hi to all on this fantastic site.

    Im loving my hero, it is rooted thanks to the unlockr.coms "how to root in one click", i loaded the modaco rom 2.1 but i am looking to update to the latest 2.3. I also have a 16 gb class 6 sd coming in the post. should i wait to update to 2.3 until the new card is in? or not? I also want to do the sd card partition thingy, what is the best order to do it in? and the best way to partition a new card.
    My other question is if i wanted to send the phone back - how would i unroot, i did a nandroid backup after i loaded the 2.2 and not before which i think was wrong?
    So to get back to a virgin phone if needed could i just load the latest official rom and that would be done? Thanks in advance


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