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  1. Lukee

    Lukee Member

    1- can i use my normal SD card (just backup the files) for goldcard?
    2- HOW do i revert my HTC Legend back to original state & Version for root.
    3- What happens if something goes wrong during the goldcard? do i just take the SD card out and restart the phone and it'll be normal? or do i have to do something to restore it to factory settings & version?
    4- If i get bricked, can i reverse it? (i cant afford $350 paperweights)
    5- what is RUU?
    6- Can someone give me a HANDS-ON guide over teamviewer on the issue?

  2. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    1 - probably (it depends, if not try Kingston 2GB card, guaranteed to work

    2 - How To: Downgrade the HTC Legend to 1.31 So It Can Be Rooted | TheUnlockr

    3 - whack it in the computer or phone and tell it to "format" the card, I had to do this a few times

    4 - complete bricks I believe are unreversible (they're extremely rare) but USB bricks can be fixed [HOWTO] USB Unbrick - xda-developers

    5 -http://www.htc.com/us/content/documents/Sprint%20Touch%20Pro2/TroubleshootingandErrorRecoverySprintTP2MR.pdf

    6 - Teamviewer crashes my laptop for unknown reason
  3. sam0056

    sam0056 Member

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