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    Nov 26, 2012
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    Just upgraded from the Optimus Elite, and probably would be happier with the Reverb if one of my most used features wasn't hard to access!

    I'm used to long-pressing the search button on my Android to bring up the 'Speak Now' prompt so I can "navigate to library", etc etc.

    Obviously, the Reverb has a 'chin' and is scaled down to three soft buttons. With the Search soft button removed, is there ANY way to still quickly use the voice search?

    A widget or icon would be passable- but I really miss my ability to launch the Voice Search in the middle of any app, and not have to jump to the home screen or what-have-you.

    Anyone know how to re-map? Prefer to not have to root, as I might just jump back to the Optimus Elite.

    Oh, and if anyone's reading this, Best Buy will price match Virgin's website price of $99.00 on the Galaxy Reverb until the end of today (Cyber Monday).


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