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  1. drankin

    drankin New Member

    Hey guys,

    I am wondering if there are any methods to save battery life on my Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC? Here are the details of my settings:

    Screen timeout - 30 seconds
    Brightness - 25%
    WiFi - Off
    GPS - Off
    Bluetooth - Off
    Syncronisation - Off
    Background data - On.

    Also, do the battery saver apps actually work? Because I've read a few places that they don't help at all?


  2. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    The first thing to do is work out what is using your battery:

    Main menu > Settings > About Phone > Battery Use > Tell us what the top three names and percentages are here.
  3. drankin

    drankin New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    The top three on the list are:
    Display 51%
    Cell Standby 20%
    Facebook 10%
  4. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Well to be honest based on that alone as it is the display that is using the bulk of battery the best way to reduce consumption would to turn down the display brightness a bit.
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  5. drankin

    drankin New Member

    Thanks, I'm guessing the battery saver apps aren't very effective?
  6. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    I have heard mixed results. I don't use one myself.

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