Quick Cache Question..

  1. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    in the last day I've noticed the 40MB cache has dropped to 17.7MB when only a few days ago it was around the 38MB mark...

    is there anyway to clean this? I've tried 1click cache cleaner but that only cleans a 1MB at most and I dont think its cleaning *THAT* cache anyway...

    sorry to sound like a bit of a newbie here...but the cache searching I did just kept coming up with use said program above :confused:

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Do you mean app cache or the actual /cache partition?

    if the latter, you can format it via clockworkmod recovery, but not sure why you would need to.
  3. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    I think its the partition one...the 40MB one...
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok well yeah it can be done from recovery but I'm not sure if it help anything
  5. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    is it major? I mean im down to 16.8MB now and I've even uninstalled a few things?

    im not going to format it....I just want to know why it could be going down etc and if it goes further will it affect the phone?

    believe me I trust your word dan when you say something like "im not sure why you would need to" lol...just wanna know why it is how it is..
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It's nothing to do with apps or app cache.

    The cache partition may be used if you're running intensive games etc.

    All cache is, are files etc that are cached for easy and quick access. If it fills up, the less used stuff will drop off the end so it can fill up some more.

    Basically forget it exists
  7. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    cheers dan, that was the answer I *THOUGHT* I would get....just checking, I mean im picking up lil bits here an there from you and the others but always worth just running by an experiance 'droid handler before I do something stupid lol

    now I know what it is...I will promptly ignore it now lol
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    hahah "Experienced"! Wouldn't say I am that. I'm new to it. Only been on Android since May.
  9. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    well to be fair thats many more months than me, plus you understand the more inner workings etc...I dont..

    hell till late october I was a nokia man and playing around with hacking and custom cooking the firmware on a 5800....and melting it from the inside out at times lol..

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