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  1. zyf20202008

    zyf20202008 New Member

    This is an app that I just published on the Android Market, See if you guys like it.

    Quick Gesture is a brand new way to navigate through your Android!! Launch your app, toggle your WiFi, open settings screen from anywhere in your android with just one Gesture like a down swipe!!

    You can set the top-right and the top-left corner as the activation region. There are 11 gestures that can be used in each of the regions, single tap, down swipe, left swipe etc. Different functionalities can be set for each gesture, you may launch an app of your own choice, use the built in shortcuts and many other things as you will discover.

    The built-in Quick Task Switcher is the best tool to enhance multi-tasking on your Android. Simply swipe down from the middle of the top of your screen, a list of running apps will be shown, just keep your finger on the screen and lift it up at the app you would like to switch to. You can switch to any running app with just one gesture!

    Give it a try, once you get used to it, you won't be able to use your Android without it.

    IMPORTANT:if you choose to activate the TaskSwitcher in the top-right or top-left corner, you must enable those corners. This will also override any gesture that starts with a down swipe in that region.!!


  2. zyf20202008

    zyf20202008 New Member

    i was hoping to get some support from you guys

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