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Quick observation RE: Vibratn email setup and subdomains/add on domainsTips

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  1. smutek

    smutek Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Maybe this will help someone.

    I just consolidated 2 of my hosting accounts into one hosting package under a new domain name. The domains and email accounts from the 2 old hosting accounts are now moved to a new server and set up as add on domains under the new hosting package.

    So for all intensive purposes everything looks the same for our end users, but instead of 2 domains on 2 seperate hosting packages we now have something that is structured like this:

    NewDomain.com (this is the primary domain for the hosting package)

    OldDomain1.com (this is an addon domain)
    OldDomain2.com (this is an addon domain)

    The transfer was completed this morning, everything is resolving fine and sending & receiving email was working fine on our mail clients (Apple Mail) and on my wife's blackberry.

    My vibrant, on the other hand, was rejecting the login credentials with a user name / password error. It turned out that for the vibrant I had to enter the name of the new domain for the incoming and outgoing servers.

    So where the mail client and the wifes blackberry remained set up like this with no problems:

    User: email@OldDomain.com
    Incoming/Outgoing: mail.OldDomain.com

    The vibrant had to be set up like this:

    User: email@OldDomain.com
    Incoming/Outgoing: mail.NewDomain.com

    Really weird, well, not really, I guess it makes sense - main thing is that it works now. I am curious though as to why the Vibrant was the only device that needed a change to the incoming and outgoing servers.

    At any rate, I figured I'd share this in case anyone else runs into the same issue.


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